Is Dating Burning You Out? It May Be Time to Set Some New Rules

burn out

Your online dating journey can (and should!) be an enjoyable experience. Meeting new people and getting to know them better should be adventurous way to bring excitement to your life. Yes, online dating involves a little bit of work. But what if you’re working at it so hard that it’s not feeling fun anymore? Instead of […]

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5 Things to Stop Saying in Online Dating Messages (and What to Say Instead!)

unhappy person talking to someone over the phone

You’ve signed up for an online dating account on Catholic Singles. After picking out your best profile pictures and filling out your online dating profile, you’re ready for the next step. It’s time to send that first message! But knowing just what to say in your online dating messages could leave you wondering. What should […]

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3 Truths About Love Single Catholics Can Learn from “Love, Guaranteed”

love guaranteed

Most rom-coms tend to do a pretty poor job of showing much of the reality of modern dating. But Love, Guaranteed, a new romantic comedy on Netflix, is a little different than the standard rom-com. Besides the fact that it’s unusually clean without being Hallmark Channel-level cheesy, this movie also shows a lot more of the reality […]

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Have You Fallen Prey to the New Dating Trend Called Fleabagging?


Dating experts have named a new online dating trend after “Fleabg,” which is an Amazon/BBC series. The show is a crude comedy/drama about a grief-riddled and angry single woman who ends up dating people who are clearly very bad for her. The show itself is pretty heavily sexual and not necessarily a morally uplifting thing […]

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Share Your Experience With the New Catholic Singles and Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

surprised woman

At the beginning of September, we rolled out some new updates to the Catholic Singles online dating platform. After twenty-two years in the online dating industry, we upended our own business model (and online Catholic dating!) by becoming the only established Catholic dating site to offer free messaging. We want to personalize your online dating […]

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I Paid to Message My Now-Husband on a Catholic Dating Site—You Don’t Have to Do That!

online dating subscription

During my time on Catholic dating sites, I couldn’t send messages to other members. I also couldn’t read messages sent to me because of the limitations of my free account. If I wanted to talk to someone on the platforms, I had to subscribe and pay. This put the pressure on me to make sure […]

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