15 Questions To Ask if You Want To Grow in Healthy Vulnerability

“Vulnerability” is one of those popular buzzwords floating around. But what does that word really mean and what does it have to do with your online dating experience as a single Catholic man or woman? Dr. Brene Brown, an American research professor, defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” Vulnerability is that unstable feeling […]

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Feeling Discouraged in Your Search for a Spouse? Here Are 4 Things to Do Today

depressed woman

If you’re desiring a holy and authentic Catholic marriage, you might feel discouraged during your online Catholic dating experience. After all, even finding friends who share your values and morals can be difficult. The search for finding someone to discern a relationship with who is striving for virtue can be exponentially more challenging. If you’re […]

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Starting 2022 Single? Here Are 10 Things to Keep in Mind

3..2..1…Happy New Year! Except maybe there wasn’t a New Years kiss at the end of that countdown for you. Maybe there wasn’t even a prospect. Despite what Hallmark movies, rom-coms, and popular music tell us, that’s okay. There’s nothing luckier or better about starting a new year with a relationship. It’s challenging to start another […]

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Single This Christmas Season? 3 Things to Help You Establish Your Own Traditions

spending christmas alone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or at least that’s what all that prematurely-played Christmas music on the radio seems to be telling us. But sometimes, this time of year can leave you feeling anything but wonderful. During our single years, the Christmas season can be full of loneliness. We not actually be more […]

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How to Navigate Sticky Conversations Around the Dinner Table This Holiday Season

I’ve been there, and maybe you have, too. You gather with family around the table for a delicious meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas. After you pray, everyone passes around dishes of delicious food. Perhaps an uncle makes the traditional toast that’s followed by cheers and clinking wine glasses. But, just as you’re beginning to enjoy […]

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