8 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Did you know that one in every three couples find love online? As impressive as that may be, that number is expected to go up even more this year. In the midst of a pandemic where social distancing is encouraged and in person dating has plummeted, the internet has become the hotspot for men and women seeking love.

With the fast based scroll and swipe nature of online dating, there is one crucial, absolutely vital component you must get right if you want people to take a chance on you. That’s your online dating profile.

Your first impression online is just as important as the impression you give offline. Your profile is your first introduction, and you want it to be great. So, as the new year gets moving, give your profile a makeover that showcases your personality, creativity, and desire for adventure in the new year.

1. Update your profile

The number one way to improve your online dating profile is to update it. Keeping your profile fresh will:

  • Improve your chances of meeting new people
  • Keep the dating algorithms happy with the creation of new content
  • Prevent your profile from becoming stagnant
  • Keep people updated with your current interests, rather than jobs and hobbies that you were into last year 

A rule of thumb is to update your online dating profile at least once every month. The beginning of a new year is a good time to give it a complete overhaul. Make sure it says very clearly and precisely who you are as a person.

2. Ditch the clichés

Maybe you really do enjoy long walks on the beach, but when people are sifting through hundreds of online dating profiles, that’s not what’s going to stick out to them. If you want people to notice your profile, get creative.

“Extreme hiker and hoping to find someone to skydive with me one day,” is going to catch way more eyes than “I love nature and hiking in the woods.” There are no wrong hobbies or interests, but just make sure you’re using the right words to really make them come alive.

Focus on the things you enjoy, or want to do, that set you apart from the average, everyday joe. Do you like collecting coasters at all the different breweries you visit? Include that in your online dating profile! Have a goal to run a certain amount of miles last year? Don’t leave it out.

You never know who will slow their scroll when they see that someone has hobbies that peak their interest.

3. Ask your friends to paint a picture of you

No, not the water color kind. What we mean here is have your friends tell you what kind of person they see you as. Have them give you some adjectives to describe your personality and ask them what they like best about you or what intrigues them about you.

We live with ourselves every day, so it can be really helpful to get insight from others. Friends can shed light on things that make you attractive (and we’re not talking physically) that you may not have thought about.

Some great questions to ask them:

  • Why do you like hanging out with me?
  • What makes me a good friend?
  • Is there something unusual about me that you find interesting?
  • What’s one reason why people should get to know me better?

Take the information you gather and work it into your profile for this new year.

4. Don’t be afraid to post your political views

These days, the old rule about not discussing politics on a date no longer applies. If anything, politics are now a huge factor in whether or not a relationship is going to work.

Knowing right off the bat that your political views will clash worse than yesterday’s eyeshadow with today’s outfit is a good thing to know before you take a plunge into a relationship that will likely implode.

When creating an online dating profile on the Catholic Singles online dating app, you have the advantage of knowing that many of your community members will have similar political views as yours. You can post openly about your thoughts and views without worry.

5. Be positive

These past few years brought a lot of challenges and darkness to a lot of people. The last thing men and women want to scroll through on their online dating app, is more doom and gloom. This year should be about picking up ourselves by the bootstraps and spreading positivity.

Negative Nellies are going to get the boot pretty quickly. If you want to attract people into stopping by your space, make it positive. Keep your language upbeat and optimistic. People are looking for light and hope, in addition to love, so give it to them.

6. Post great pictures

If you are reading this and currently do not have any pictures on your online dating profile, I know what you’re going to be doing as soon as you finish. Still wondering?

Post. A. Picture. And not just one.

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Profiles that have pictures, especially creative, active ones, get WAY more hits than profiles without them.  If you do have a picture up, but it’s old, replace it with something fresh. Scrollers will often stop and click if the picture captures you doing something interesting. So consider adding pictures that capture different sides of you and not just the straight forward headshot.

7. Keep things concise

While you’re having fun adding details and photos, be sure to keep things pretty clear and concise. You want to give people an idea of who you are, not share your entire life story. 

Put just enough into your profile to interest people, but not so much that they get bored and stop reading. Think back of the book summary of yourself, not an entire cliffs notes version.

An online dating profile should give people enough of an idea as to who you are that they can decide whether or not to reach out. If they find your profile wordy or tedious, chances are they won’t want to take that chance.

Include the important and desirable things about yourself, but make sure you do it in an efficient way. Remember you can always get a friend to read over it and give their thumbs up.

8. Update to a paid version of your online dating app

Two reasons you deserve to spend a little money on yourself this year: 

  1. You deserve it
  2. It’s almost Valentine’s Day

This year, if you haven’t already, treat yourself to an all in, paid version of a dating app. While the free version is fine, by committing a small amount of money a month, you gain access to some really big advantages.

Upgrading to a premium member on the Catholic Singles online dating app will give you access to more people and more activities which means more opportunities to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Why would you not give yourself a better shot at something that could change the course of the rest of your life? You deserve to love yourself this year and this is a great way to get started.

New profile, new you

We may be the same people we were on December 31, but I think it’s safe to say we have all changed. Maybe it’s resiliency we have inherited or a more determined attitude to embrace the present moment. Whatever it is, construct your profile to reflect it.

Your online dating profile gives people a snapshot of who you are. As your first impression, keep it fresh, clear and interesting and you’ll be on your way to a year full of potential and possibilities.