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When it comes to online dating, nothing helps you be successful like having a great online dating profile.

But creating a profile that shares your story authentically as a Catholic single is hard. Even with the best tips and tricks, it can still seem overwhelming knowing just what to put out there.

We get it. That's why we’ve created a unique profile builder which helps you create your profile in just a few minutes. We’ve researched what makes for the best online dating profile and we're helping you have the best online dating experience possible as a Catholic single.

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On Catholic Singles, you don't have to feel like you're browsing a catalog of potential spouses. Instead, let us help match you to other single Catholics who we think you'll like to get to know better. We match you through the answers you share in our community polls, but we also include a few unexpected matches. Who knows? One of those unexpected matches might just be the person you've been waiting to meet.

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You'll discover other members, let others know you're active on Catholic Singles, and have access to great conversation starters.

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