Introducing A Dating App With Free Messaging Through Mutual Favorites

Your faith is important to you. Meet your future spouse on the platform that brings Catholics together.

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Free Messaging
Favorite another user's profile. If they favorite you in return, messaging is free!

Many dating apps force their members to pay for a subscription just to talk with each other. At Catholic Singles, our mission is to help singles meet their spouses. Forcing users to pay for a subscription just to meet someone else doesn't seem like the right thing to do, so our system works a bit different.

Every day, you are given a certain number of "favorites" to spend on other users' profiles. When you mark another user's profile as one of your favorites, they will be notified and invited to list your profile as one of their favorites in return.

If both you and that other user favorite each other, messaging is free! Mutual favorites gives our users an easy way to break the ice and helps reduce uncomfortable conversations.

Video Chatting Brings a Whole New Level of Personal to Online Dating

Our premium members have the added benefit of setting up a video call. Video calls give members a more personal touch before moving that conversation off of the app and into real life.

Live Events and Video Introductions

We regularly host live events for our members such as trivia nights or guest speakers which gives you the opportunity to meet other singles in a live, moderated environment. Our live events are a great way to meet other members that you otherwise wouldn't discover using the app alone!

Daily Polls Create Great Conversation Starters

Let's face it, starting a conversation can be extremely uncomfortable. That's why we offer daily questions of our members in order to give you easy ways to start a conversation with another user.

Our daily conversation starters are a great way to discover other members, mark them as a favorite, and give you an easy way to start a conversation!