4 Ways To Keep Your Sanity While Traveling Together as a Couple

couple go travelling

Couples naturally do things together and those things sometimes take them far from their respective homes. Whether that be one person traveling to see the other, meeting each other halfway, or taking an overnight trip, the challenge of traveling together while dating and keeping chaste can be daunting. Traveling together well as a Catholic couple […]

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These Catholic Couples Who Met Online Share Their Top Dating Tips

love chat bubble

Despite the fact that online dating is the most popular way for couples to meet today, when you’re in the trenches of online dating, it can be hard to imagine actually meeting someone and discerning a relationship with them. Thankfully, there are hundreds of thousands of couples who have found love online. If your head […]

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Should Cultural Differences Deter You from Dating Someone?

worried person

Connecting with someone through personality types and shared interests are a great starting point for online dating. But that doesn’t mean someone who is very different from you won’t end up being a great match for you. However, some people might hesitate to date a person who is very different from them. Whether the difference […]

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Struggling with Chastity? 5 Ongoing Conversations to Have with Your Partner

couple having serious talk

There are certain topics that Catholic singles discuss with ease and comfort. Most of us can share about our less than enjoyable dating experiences. Many people have had dates or relationships that have surprised them in the best possible way. However, as I talk with my male and female Catholic friends, there is one conversation […]

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