Nervous About Sending That First Message? Here Are 5 Things to Calm Your Nerves

nervous man

You completed your online dating profile, answered a few poll questions, and filled out our compatibility quiz. But now you’re feeling nervous about sending the first message. What do you say? Should you be the first one to reach out? What if the person you’re interested in never responds? Or, maybe you’ve sent the first […]

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Should Cultural Differences Deter You from Dating Someone?

worried person

Connecting with someone through personality types and shared interests are a great starting point for online dating. But that doesn’t mean someone who is very different from you won’t end up being a great match for you. However, some people might hesitate to date a person who is very different from them. Whether the difference […]

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The Dating Trend Called “Wokefishing” and Why You Should Avoid It

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You’ve probably heard of catfishing, when online dating users create a totally fake identity to get a date. You might have even heard of kittenfishing, when someone misleads potential dates with little white lies about themselves online. But do you know about wokefishing? Read more: 8 Online Dating Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 […]

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Is Your Online Dating Profile Causing You to Miss Out on Your Dream Date?


Without a doubt, your online dating profile is an important part of your online Catholic dating journey. You can find the best Catholic dating website there is and still fall short if your profile doesn’t speak to others online dating users.  Many people who get excited to take Catholic dating online give up too easily […]

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