A Catholic Singles Success Story: They Weren’t Sure They Wanted a Long Distance Relationship

When Don and Pat met on Catholic Singles in January 2021, they decided to exchange emails.

One of the main topics of conversation? The fact that neither of them were sure about the nearly one-hundred miles separating them.

“We decided to take a chance and exchanged phone numbers so we could talk instead of text,” Pat says. They ended up talking on the phone two hours or more each night. “We had so much in common and both loved the fact that we were both active Catholics.  We started praying the rosary together at 8:00 pm when Relevant radio came on.”

Nineteen days later, they decided to meet in person

“We met at the Olive Garden near me,” Pat shares. “Don was leaning against his car, arms folded. He looked exactly like his picture and I was hooked.” She found Don’s kindness and generosity attractive. After eating, they wanted to spend more time together, but were limited as to what to do next due to COVID restrictions. So, they decided to grab a coffee and drive around the local state park.

Ever since their first date in February, they have been taking turns traveling between Sebring and Cape Coral, Florida. “We’ve only missed a few weekends where we didn’t see each other but made up for it! Don would make the two hour trip to be with me and would turn around and drive home the same night because he had to work the next day,” Pat remembers.

Sharing their hobbies with each other 

When they first met, Don had never been to a live theatre production, and Pat had never been to a live music concert. Now, they’ve seen The Little River Band, Foreigner and John Fogerty, and Kenny G in live concert. But they’ve also spent time together seeing plays like Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Bye Bye Birdie.

They also love spending time playing games and meeting each other’s families. “We’re both competitive, and enjoy playing mini goal together at several courses,” Pat shares. This summer, the two of them traveled to Ohio and spent two weeks getting to know each other’s family and friends.

A summer proposal and a winter wedding

On July 5, Don proposed to Pat, who said yes. “We hit it off so beautifully and felt blessed the entire time we’ve been together,” Pat explains. “We both have been widowed for several years and had the blessings of our families and friends.”

Since their engagement, the couple has enjoyed planning their wedding and preparing for marriage together. They recently traveled to Melbourne to visit friends who will be doing the music for their weddings. They’ve also attended the weddings of several friends and have enjoyed celebrating and getting ideas for their own celebration.

Community is important both Pat and Don. “Last weekend we hosted a gourmet meal where we both cooked and presented our dinner to several couples,” they share. “They all agreed we were meant for each other.

Don and Pat are preparing for the sacrament of marriage with a wedding date set in December.

“Our story just keeps getting better and we look forward to a lifetime of happiness together through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

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