7 Online Dating To-Dos to Tackle from Home

happy person in online dating

Who could have imagined the year we’ve had? Even though it’s been a year since the world as we knew it changed due to COVID, some of us are still home a lot more than we used to be. We’re adjusting to doing virtual learning with the kids. Most of us are not able to go about our normal routine. We’re stressing about jobs or finances, and we have concerns about loved ones working in the medical field (you all are my heroes!).

One of the helpful things helping me find peace in the middle of the chaos is to find a new daily rhythm in life.

For me that looks like exercise, reading, writing, and connecting virtually with friends.

With a lot more hours at home these days, why not set aside some time to work on or update your online dating profile?

Looking for some easy online dating to-dos you can tackle from home? Here are some ideas to help you use this extra time well in terms of Catholic dating.

1. Add some new pictures (or change your profile picture!)

happy person in online dating

Remember those great photos from your last vacation with friends?

What about those photos from your nephew’s Baptism with you as his godfather?

How about the photos from your 35th surprise birthday party?

Take a look through your picture archive and see where you have some fun, special pictures.

Freshen up your profile picture with a shot that make you feel great about yourself. It is one of the easiest to revamp your profile and maybe draw some new attention from other online daters.

2. Set a weekly goal for how many new people to message

happy person in online dating

With extra time at home right now, why not spend extra time on engaging with people through online dating? Just because you may not be able to meet up right now does not mean it all has to go on the back burner.

When I started to dip my toes in online dating after my annulment, I made a goal to message at least six or seven new men a week. It helped me put myself out there more and step outside my comfort zone.

I also found this helped me to enjoy online dating a bit more and take some of the pressure off myself.

If you find yourself struggling or want to give up on online Catholic dating, maybe stretch yourself a bit to see how many new people you can connect with in the next week.

3. Rework your introduction

happy person in online dating

Sometimes words fall on deaf ears. With an online dating profile, you want your profile to stand out and be able to capture someone’s attention.

Consider asking a friend to read over your profile and give you some feedback. How does it sound? Does it draw the reader in? Is there anything to make a connection with?

With advice in hand, take some time to revamp your initial introduction. Sometimes changing things up a bit can make a difference in drawing new traffic to your profile.

4. Try a new dating app

happy person in online dating

Last year there was a time where I was on several different dating apps at one time. Having a variety of ways to connect and meet new people is an easy way to broaden your horizon of the different types of men or women you can connect with.

Does that mean every date is a love connection? Of course not!

I found for myself going on lots of dates with guys from different dating apps or online platforms helped me figure out what I wanted and did not want in a relationship. If what you’re doing is not currently, maybe you need to spice things up and add in something new.

Ready to meet someone who shares your Catholic faith and values? Give the Catholic Singles online dating app a try!

5. Splurge and pay for the online dating membership

happy person in online dating

Most Catholic dating sites I have been on start off with a free membership. However, if you want to read messages sent to you and be able to send messages, you need to upgrade for some type of paid membership.

Friends, just bite the bullet and splurge for the paid membership if you have not already done so.

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Sometimes we have to spend a little money to put ourselves out there in the dating world.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the results!

6. Reword your questions in an initial message

happy person in online dating

When I would send a first message to a man, I had a process of going about it.

One of the things I did was end my message with one or two little questions to get to know each other and hopefully keep the conversation going.

I would often end with something like “What are the things that most bring joy to your life?” Or, “What are three dreams you have for your life?”

Take some time this week to rework how you send an initial message to a man or woman. Add in a new question or two. Or perhaps a funny get to know you question!

7. Get involved in online community

happy person in online dating

Different faith-based dating sites I have been on have ways for people on the particular platform to connect with each other on things like polls or message boards.

Here on Catholic Singles there is the virtual prayer board as a way to pray with and for each other.

If you’re on an online dating site, look for ways to further connect with people on the site through some of the ways above. The platform is not just a place to send and receive messages, but be open to other ways of connecting and engaging with others.

With all this extra time at home right now, pick one or two dating to-dos to tackle in life right now?

Is there anything else you would add to the list?

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