What Your Resolution Should Be This Year for Your Online Dating Profile

I don’t know about you, but there is something fun and exciting about the start of a new year. Perhaps it is the party hats or fun of throwing a party with friends, but I have long loved the celebration that goes with closing one year only to begin a new one.

Sometimes it seems our culture gets hyper focused on the new year as another opportunity for self improvement. Society encourages us to enter the year focusing on being more or doing more. There is nothing wrong with setting manageable goals and working on developing dreams and creative passions. However, it’s important to remember that as single Catholics, we’re always called to grow in holiness and who God created us to be, not just on the first day of a new calendar. 

While you’re assessing your hopes and dreams for the new year ahead, this can also be a great time to look at your experience of online dating. Consider setting some goals for online dating and your online dating profile as a single Catholic man or woman. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started as we kick off the new year, some of which I am using in my own life.

Schedule a professional photo shoot

At first glance, a professional photo shoot doesn’t seem worth the time and effort. You may be wondering if it’s even worth the price, since good photographers can be an investment.

But hear me out. While a professional photo shoot can be a little extra money, I think it is well worth having some amazing pictures of yourself to use on your online dating profiles. Both men and women express that photos in an online dating profile matter. So why not put a little extra time and effort into you to create the best photos possible? It certainly cannot hurt your online dating experience.

Ask friends in your local community for good recommendations. You may be surprised to discover someone who doesn’t break the bank. Or, maybe you have a family member who is a professional photographer or you have a connection through a mutual friend. Take some time to see what you can find and then have fun with it!

I scheduled a photo shoot for myself last month, and I’m looking forward to bringing my best self and energy to the photo shoot, knowing the real me will be captured.

Have friends read your profile and give you feedback on your online dating profile

Sometimes we forget how a fresh pair of eyes looking at our profile occasionally could be a great thing. I remember a couple years ago when I was coming back to online dating and thought I wrote this fairly decent profile. After my sister and brother-in-law read through it though, they not only found way too many spelling mistakes, but also gave some constructive criticism that helped me change things for the better.

Be open to feedback from trusted friends and family members on your dating profile. Showing your profile to a few other people can help you consider and think about things you may not have thought about before.

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People who really care about only want the best for you. Ask them to read your profile, especially from the perspective of the opposite gender. 

Consider the tweaks they offer you and give your profile a fresh update as the new year kicks off.

Set a daily timer for online dating

I don’t mean this to sound weird or prescriptive, but I find something helpful about setting timers and alarms to help me work on my daily tasks and to-do lists. Part of what can feel tiring or overwhelming about online dating is the time it can take.

What if you started committing to a set amount of time each day to read profiles, send messages, and respond to messages you receive? When I have used online dating, this is a practice I have committed to that is very helpful.

What I found to work for me was about an hour. It gave me a long enough time to actually feel I was being proactive while not getting overly obsessed about the matter.

Think about what is manageable for your life. What can you commit to?

How will you create action each day and stick with the plan? Creating an intentional dating plan can help you feel more focused while enjoying online dating more than before.

Have you ever made resolutions for online dating before? Why or why not?

What you would add to this list?