These Are the Best Online Catholic Dating Profiles, Without a Doubt

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When it comes to online dating, nothing gives you a good shot at being successful like having a really good profile.

In many of our Catholic dating articles you’ll see us point to the fact that you shouldn’t slack on your profile. Doing so will keep you from  having the thriving online dating life you wish you did.

So we’ve given you suggestions and ideas for how to build a great profile. Does it still seem overwhelming sometimes knowing just what to put out there?

We get it. We’ve researched some of the best online dating profiles out there and came up with a list of some really great ones.

Imitation is Flattery

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Sometimes we need to see things before we can really visualize how we want to create our space.

When I wanted to remodel my kitchen, I had absolutely no idea where to begin.  So I started looking at other people’s kitchens and styles. Once I saw the one that really clicked with my style, I mimicked their design.

Wanting to create an online dating profile that really works for you? Take a look at different styles and tones that others have used in theirs and see if they inspire you.

The funny profile

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If you’re someone who has a good sense of humor, you probably want to be paired up with a guy or girl who gets your jokes and appreciates them.

By creating a jovial profile that mildly pokes fun at yourself while pointing out some great qualities, you’ll find quite a few people intrigued.

With Catholic dating especially, it’s important not to take yourself too seriously. This kind of profile says “Hey, I’m fun to be around and I can handle a good joke.”

Here’s an example of Author’s online dating profile that really made me smile. In one rather simple, witty post, he manages to paint a good picture of who he is along with his interests and dislikes. Right on, Arthur!

The thoughtful romantic


Melancholics, we’re talking to you! If you’re ready to create an online dating profile that doesn’t beat around the bush, this is the one for you. The thoughtful romantic profile lays out their heart as one who cares about others and takes joy from doing so. 

This person will write headers in their profile such as, “The thing I’m most passionate about,” and “The thing I wish people would notice more about me.”

The great thing about this kind of profile is that it reaches to the core of why you’re a Catholic dating in the first place: to find someone to love, to share a life and space with, and to become a better person with.

The “Ask me about” profile

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If you want to make it easy for someone scrolling by to stop in and say hi, give them a shoe in. Build your profile around a question that they have to ask you.

Short and sweet, this kind of profile is great for those online dating guys and gals who like a challenge. 

The one line opener profile is also a great way to let people know that you are confident and interesting.  It tells them you’d enjoy sharing fun facts about yourself as well as listening to some of theirs.

As a Catholic dating, you could ask a question like,  “Ask me about the craziest thing I gave up for Lent one year.” Sometimes people just can’t resist asking a good question when it’s already been provided!

The hobbyist profile


If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, this is the time to flaunt it. Whether it be wood working or painting, showcase your hobby front and center and get like minded people to stop by.

This example shows how an online dating profile can be pretty easy if you’re just open and honest about who you are and what you like to do:

“I love to make things! Playing music, painting, dancing, and, yes, I know how to work a pottery wheel, so reenacting the Patrick Swayze ‘Ghost’ Scene is not totally off the table. I spend my weekdays working at a nonprofit tutoring kiddies. Any other moment I have is spent frolicking in high ceiling museums and indulging the aforementioned conceits.”

If it seems just a bit too cheesy to you, just remember it’s an example. Customize it!

The down to earth profile

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If you feel like comedy and whimsical are for the birds, you’ve come to the right profile example. The down to earth example is a great match for many of those who are Catholic dating. 

This is because when you’re serious about your faith, you have a good idea of what qualities you want. You don’t want to spend too much time on trying to add flair to find them.

This type of online dating profile lays out the who of who you are.  It provides the what of what you like to do and of what you are interested in.

That’s it. It’s basic and it’s to the point. It speaks volumes to the fact that you’re a no nonsense kind of person looking for hopefully one of the same.

Letting someone know that right off the bat will up your chance of success at a potential relationship.

Make your online dating profile yours

happy woman dating online

There is no surefire way to ensure a successful adventure with online dating. But showcasing your personality by building a good profile is a key way to move in the right direction.

Browse through examples online dating profiles (and especially Catholic dating ones). Get a feel for the type of vibe you want yours to possess.

Go for it with gusto, you’ve got this!