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Catholic dating site.

On Catholic Singles, you'll find:

  • Free messaging with your mutual favorites
  • Daily favorites to connect with
  • Regular matches who share your interest and opinions
  • Unexpected matches to leave room for God to surprise you
  • Thousands of Catholic Singles of all ages and geographic locations
  • Profile features that allow you to share your Catholic faith
  • Member polls that allow you to share your interests and start conversations with other members
  • An active and engaging prayer intention wall where you can pray for other members or ask for prayers from other Catholic Singles members

The sole mission of our online dating app is to help you meet your future spouse.

Finding someone who shares your Catholic faith and values on an online dating app shouldn't feel like shopping for a spouse. We want to help single Catholics stop shopping and start discerning, and that's why we're not just a dating app. We're a discernment app.

We're making Catholic dating more natural and simple by matching members through their shared interests, all while helping them connect without having to pay for messaging. You’re a person, not a profile picture. Our online dating app recognizes your human dignity.

Catholic dating should be fun, enjoyable, and natural. Our app is the first step to real, lasting relationships. We are committed to continually rolling out new and improved features to help our members find someone who shares their faith and values!

Bringing Back Certainty and Trust

You're a person, not a profile picture. It's time single Catholics have an online dating app that honors their dignity and their story. The Catholic Singles dating app provides a comfortable starting point to meet other single Catholics and develop deep, meaningful relationships.

We're committed to your safety and want to provide you a healthy online Catholic dating experience.

Catholic Singles is actively monitored by both automated systems and humans to remove unsafe accounts. We also have community based reporting features which help us quickly weed out fake accounts and dangerous spam accounts.