Online Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Scary! 4 Tips for Finding Your Halloween Match

halloween couple

When you think of romantic holidays, Halloween probably isn’t the first one that popped into your mind. It’s not a holiday centered in love, like Valentine’s day, but it still has plenty to offer singles in both online dating and meeting people through parties and friends.

In this post we’ll be talking about:

  • 4 ways to find a great match at a Halloween party
  • Some great costume ideas if you’ve found your match
  • How to find love via online dating this Autumn

Halloween is here and couples costumes are all around

Halloween offers many opportunities to meet new people, spend time with old friends, and get creative with your costume planning.

Check to see if your local Catholic singles group is hosting a Halloween party. It doesn’t have to be an official group for singles. Groups like Theology on Tap offer a lot of different activities. Maybe your neighborhood is putting together a party where you can meet those who live close to you. If you haven’t gotten an invitation to a party, consider throwing your own!

4 tips to finding your Halloween match

Looking for love amidst the jack-o-lanterns? Here are four things to keep in mind:

1. Pick out a great costume

What theme will you focus on this year with your Halloween costume? Will you be silly, or scary? You don’t have to break the bank buying a new costume for the evening. Instead, piece together a look from outfits you already have hanging in your closet.

Has a certain book character or movie caught your interest this year? Channel your favorite character in a costume. Your costume can then be a great conversation starter at a party about what you spend time doing when you’re not dressed up on Halloween night.

2. Use their costume as a conversation starter

Is someone’s costume especially clever? Use their costume as a catalyst for conversation!

Maybe he’s dressed up as your favorite superhero, or she’s channeling someone from your favorite television show.

If you (like me!) struggle to come up with conversation starters, Halloween parties take all of the work off your shoulders! Enjoy talking with people at the party about the reason behind their costume, or even asking what they dressed up as last year!

3. Be open to everyone

If scary costumes aren’t your thing, it can be easy to dismiss someone who opted for a spookier look. But don’t judge someone by their cover, er, costume!

Instead, take time to get to know people at the party or in your neighborhood regardless of their costume choice.

4. Don’t lose focus on your values

Halloween parties can be a fun night to share a silly side of your character. But it shouldn’t be a night where you lose track of what you value in a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to bring up topics like your faith, your hobbies, and your values in conversation. You never know, you may just meet someone who shares your views! In fact, this past weekend, my husband and I celebrated the wedding of a couple who met at a Halloween party a few years ago. They’re both passionately Catholic and met through mutual friends at a house party.

Awesome costume ideas for couples

Are you meeting someone for the first time at a Halloween party! It doesn’t have to be spooky! Use this opportunity to suggest a couples costume to start fun conversation before your date. Need some ideas? Here are some popular (and unique!) costumes to put together this year:

  • Chip and Joanna Gaines: HGTV’s favorite couple makes costumes easy! All you need is jeans and some work boots
  • Carl and Ellie from Disney’s Up: Easily one of Disney’s cutest couples to dress up as!
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse: A classic option
  • Waldo and Wenda: Don’t worry, you’ll still be sure to find each other!

How to find love via online dating

If Halloween parties are far and between in your neck of the woods, don’t worry! You can still meet great matches through online dating sites.

The benefits of Catholic Singles

Are you tired of swiping left or right on your phone? That’s how a lot of dating apps run these days. But Catholic Singles is different.

Catholic Singles stands out among Catholic dating apps because we focus on your interests and passions, not just your picture. Most websites focus on images, which is how we shop for a lot of things in our day to day life (toasters, blenders, and cars, for example). You shouldn’t be judged by how good of a picture you have of yourself, or how well you can write with an essay prompt.

At Catholic Singles, while our members still have traditional profiles, we also give members the opportunity to focus on what you are doing on the site. This gives you and your potential matches a chance to get to know the person, not just their picture.

The Catholic and faith-based angle

Although there are many Catholic dating apps out there, there are incredible benefits by choosing to use a Catholic online dating site to find your match.

You’ll be interacting with people who share your values. Even though big-name dating sites offer a huge database of users, there’s less of a chance of finding someone who shares your faith life. If finding someone who shares your values is important to you, Catholic Singles is a great site to explore!


Halloween is right around the corner, and love is in the air!

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and meet someone during this spooky season. Whether it’s commenting on a fun costume or sharing a (candy)corny joke with someone you’ve been messaging, start a fun conversation this week!

It’s a great time to meet your match – no bones about it!