Hayrides, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and New Relationships—Why Fall Is the Happiest Season of All

Fall is here! With it comes cooler, crisp air and leaves just on the verge of changing colors. It’s a magical time of year. Do you find yourself marking fall festivals and pumpkin patch picking on your calendar when fall arrives? If not, you may want to.

While summer boasts beaches and water sports, there is something comforting about wrapping up in a sweater before meeting for that first date in the fall. In fall, there are no worries about bathing suits and beach etiquette. You get to bundle up in sweats for hayrides in the evenings and apple picking on the weekends. You have more time to focus on building new relationships!

If you’re not currently in a relationship, but would like to be, think of fall as a new beginning for relationships. There are so many opportunities to meet new people in the autumn months. Especially now with people itching to get out after being on lockdown for almost two years. There are fall festivals, fairs, and events bursting at the seams with fun activities!

I could go on and on about why fall is likely the happiest season ever for single Catholic men and women, but here are a few for starters things that make this time of year magical.

Fall means festivals

It brutal last year when the pandemic shut down fall fun. I don’t care if you’re single or married with ten children, not being able to experience fall in all its glory was a sad thing. Thank goodness that this year, towns and cities are full of fun outings again!

If you want to meet new people in a casual setting, this is one of the best ways. Get a friend or two and pick a few festivals out that look appealing. A quick Google search of your area will provide you with all the local fun happenings. 

Ask your friends to bring their friends. Bonus points if they are single! Hanging out with someone new is so much easier in a casual festival setting than a romantic dining atmosphere. Hayrides, games, hot cocoa stations and much more line the fences of these fun fall activities.

Pumpkin picking and carving

We live in a pretty divided world right now. But there are quite a few things that still unite us and I’m pretty sure pumpkins are one of them. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin everything is here to stay (for three months at least!). 

While you can score a pretty cheap pumpkin at Home Depot or Trader Joe’s, have some fun and go to a pumpkin patch instead. If you want to make a time of it, invite a whole crew. Again, tell friends to invite friends. 

You could go pumpkin picking and then meet back at someone’s yard for a carving war. Send out a fun invite like, “Not your mom’s average pumpkin carving get together”. Each person can choose a design and then get to carving. Some fun categories to judge on could be:

  • Most creative/artistic
  • Scariest
  • Most classic
  • Ugliest

When people finish carving, they can sip on hot apple cider and enjoy simple snacks and conversation while others finish their pumpkins. What I like about this kind of activity is that it requires hardly any prep on your part and it’s casual!

Halloween and All Saints Day parties

All fall long, people are hosting parties for both Halloween and All Saints Day. There are many churches that actually have All Saints Day parties. Regardless of the type of party, you should find at least one to attend!

These parties are not only a lot of fun, but provide a great way to meet new people. Think about it. If you’re going to a party to meet someone single, chances are there are other singles doing the same thing.

Is there someone you’re already interested in? Have them meet you there! Parties are great because you can invite people without making them feel like it’s necessarily a date. Since you’ll be surrounded by other people, there’s no awkward silence or pressure. 

Not sure who’s hosting a party this year? Take a look online and ask around at work and amongst your friends and family. There are plenty out there if you look!

Winery tours and garden walks

Summer heat is so sweltering that outdoor activities almost always have to include water. I love wineries and gardens in the fall because the weather is so much nicer! Touring a winery and exploring the vineyards when it is cool out is amazing. 

The same goes for visiting gardens too. Both wineries and gardens are great for people who are a little more introverted. They aren’t as noisy and crowded. If you are looking for a more peaceful way to spend your fall, check out these options. They are both great if you’re looking to spend time with someone in a less stimulated environment.

If you are a conversationalist, or just like to stroll and drink wine or admire nature’s beauty, here’s your fall date idea!

We love fall most of all

Winter will be here soon and you know what that means. Cold, darker days where it’s appealing to snuggle inside and hide from the elements.

Take advantage of this gorgeous glimpse of a season before it’s gone! Autumn has so much beauty to offer.

Take advantage of the many fun opportunities that fall brings and maybe when winter comes you’ll have a partner to warm up by the fire with.

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