Lying on Your Online Profile Could Sabotage Your Love Life

lying pinocchio

A University of Wisconsin study estimated that 81% of people with an online dating profile lie about things like their height, weight, or age in their profile. The University of Wisconsin study isn’t the only study that’s revealed people’s tendency to lie in their profiles. A recent study examined the online dating profiles of over 1,000 online dating profiles. […]

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Have You Been Ghosted? Here Are 3 Considerations to Help You Cope

Dating experts seem to enjoy coming up with unique and fitting names for every common phenomenon that happens in modern relationships. It’s too bad that ‘being ghosted’ is one the most popularly discussed dating trends. In case you’re late to the dating-trend-name game, ghosting is a term for when one of the two dating people […]

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Don’t Feel Discouraged in Catholic Dating if You Have a Sexual Past

I have a good friend who graduated from a conservative Catholic college with a degree in theology. She immediately began working in ministry positions — youth ministry, women’s ministry, and even at a crisis pregnancy center. Teaching people about chastity, Catholic dating, and how the Church views sex was a huge part of her life. […]

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