How Dating Coaches Helped Me Date Better as a Single Catholic Woman

One of my very good friends Mave is a life coach. She helps me experience the most meaningful, rich life right in the present moment. A woman who has done her own work in life, she is passionate about helping other women experience more freedom and wholeness. In August 2019, I went down to Florida […]

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How to Survive a Pandemic Thanksgiving as a Single Catholic

Studies and Catholic singles alike reveal that the holiday season is often the most difficult to navigate as a single man or woman. We’re currently living through a global pandemic, which can make this time of year feel even more isolating. Gathering with families may look different, or not happen at all. Dating may feel […]

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Never Say Never: 5 Couples Who Found Love When They Least Expected It

Never Say Never: 6 Couples Who Found Love When They Least Expected It

Even with the advent of dating apps and social media sites, singleness is on the rise. According to the U.S. census, single people make up more than 45 percent of the American population, for a grand total of 110,600,000 unmarried people as of September, last year. Seeing so many people who feel lost and lonely […]

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What I Want to Share With You If You’re a Catholic Going Through a Divorce


Are you reading this blog post as a divorced Catholic? I wish you and I could have a conversation in-person, sitting in a cozy coffee shop in the sunshine. Like you, I’ve gone through a divorce. While it was a choice I never imagined for my own life, it has become the most transformative and healing […]

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Catholic Dating is Broken. Here’s What Catholic Singles is Doing to Fix It

torn heart

Online Catholic dating is broken. We’ll admit it—we’ve been part of the problem. Founded in 1997, Catholic Singles is the original Catholic online dating site. Today, we serve tens of thousands of single Catholic men and women. But after twenty-two years in the Catholic online dating industry, we’re upending our own business model—and the Catholic […]

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