3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time to Find Love Online

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Cozy flannel shirts. Bonfires. Bright sunshine. Going to the cider mill or apple orchard. There is something so special to me about this time of year. Without a doubt, fall is my most favorite time of the year. With the crisp sweater weather and beautiful changing colors, if the whole year could be the season of autumn I would be the happiest camper. 

While I love autumn, I think it is also one of the best times to find love online. What is so great about autumn that makes it the best time to find love in Catholic dating? Why do I think this time of year could be the perfect time to find love and begin a new relationship? 

Here are three reasons why autumn is the best time to find love online as a single Catholic.

1.There are so many unique and fun fall date ideas


There all all types of autumn themed dates you can go on to get to know people better. Yes, this last year of the pandemic has changed things a lot (even in online dating). But it is still possible to go out, make connections, and find that special someone to build a deeper relationship with.

Apple orchards. Cider Mills. Rollerblading at a park. Carving pumpkins. Going to a corn maze. Baking an apple pie together. Watching spooky movies together. Raking leaves and then jumping in the pile. Roasting s’mores over a bonfire. Or perhaps you enjoy the simple joy of a coffee date and walking around in the sunshine. The season of autumn offers lots of fun (and cheap, even free!) ways to go on dates and get to know someone more in a casual, lighthearted way.

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The winter months contend with bad weather, cold, and snow. The cold weather can hinder the types of outdoor activities you can do. Even though the season of autumn is typically shorter, there is a greater ability of things to do outdoors. So take advantage of this colorful, beautiful season! You may be surprised how a season can impact your ability to connect and find love through online dating this season.

2. Dating in the fall helps avoids the holiday season stress 

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The holiday season is the time of year that feels most lonely and difficult for single people. Not having a special someone to share the beauty and joy of the holiday season can be hard. Many singles have expressed being single at the holiday time can be a difficult thing to experience.

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Finding love and a new relationship before the holiday season can help take the pressure and stress off you. Regardless if you have someone or not in your life, beginning a new relationship in the autumn could feel like an unexpected surprise as you head into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other holidays.

3. Autumn represents a season of change

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In many ways, the change of each new season can be a powerful metaphor for us in life where God has us, even in online dating. Autumn represents things dying from the rebirth of spring and summer. Each season has something to say to us in what happens in nature and can often represent where in our own life journey we are with ourselves and God.

What does this season of autumn represent for you in your relationship with God right now? Your online dating experience?

Is there something God is trying to speak to you about this season over your life?

Enjoy the beauty of this season, but also be open to what this season can represent for you personally where God has you right now.

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