10 Ways to Combat Loneliness this Holiday Season

lonely woman during holiday

The snow is falling and the world is lit up from rooftop to Christmas tree. Radios everywhere are chanting about how it’s the happiest time of year.

But is it really?

Sure the magical moments shared between lovers and family do seem to be amplified when “White Christmas” is playing in the background. But what about all of the people who don’t have anyone to share a spot with underneath the mistletoe this year?

If you find yourself struggling with loneliness this year, you are not the only one. The Christmas season can be hard on many people, but especially singles who are feeling a little bit alone right now.

Instead of staying home and sulking over the things that you may not have at the moment, let’s take a look at some ways that you can turn your loneliness into a fruitful holiday season this year.

1. Host a cookie exchange


One of the best ways to combat loneliness is to proactively avoid it. By filling your schedule with fun things to do, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who bring warmth to the season.

Hosting a cookie exchange is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to get people over and into the Christmas spirit. Many people love an excuse to bake around the holidays, and who doesn’t want to spend an evening sampling sweet treats?

2. Sign up for a Catholic Singles account

happy woman

It’s easy to look around at work, church and other local places and get the notion that everyone has someone. But that’s just not the case. The truth is that there are thousands of singles looking for companionship around the holidays (and always)!

If you register for an account with Catholic Singles, you will find yourself instantly connected to people who share your faith and views on life. These singles also share your desire to connect with good, wholesome people.

With a click of a button, you can exchange lonely for a community of people on the same walk of life as you.

Don’t assume that everyone online is far away and out of reach, either. Who’s to say that the person sitting across the coffee shop from you isn’t browsing through the Catholic Singles website as well? Sometimes meeting Mrs. or Mr. Right is as simple as just taking a chance and saying yes to something new.

3. Accept the invitation to the party you’ve always avoided.


Maybe it’s a fellow employee who invites you to a holiday party every year. Perhaps it’s the young adult group at your parish. Whoever it is that extends an invitation, take them up on it this year instead of replying no.

Sure it’s easy to come home after a long week of work and sit on the couch watching Christmas movies. But if you really want to fight the lonely feeling that will seep in before the weekend vanishes, you need to take advantage of the invites and get out.

If you’re nervous about going because you don’t know many people that will be attending, talk a friend into coming with you and be sure to RSVP for a plus one.

4. Decorate your house

christmas decorations

The Christmas season brings much joy, but it also brings cold weather and many hours of darkness. This can be hard on anyone! To combat loneliness in the winter months, decorate your interior with lights and candles.

By making your living area cozy and well lit, you’ll find that the gloom that can sneak in during this time of year will be less likely to sneak into your home. Play festive Christmas music and put up a holiday screensaver on your TV.

Technology in this day and age makes it easy to go from frumpy to festive in a matter of a few hours!

5. Volunteer


You’ll find local church groups, families, scouts and all kinds of organizations out volunteering during the Christmas season. This is a great opportunity for you to seize as well! If anything has ever been proven to effectively fight off loneliness, it’s helping those that are less fortunate than you.

Looking for some easy ideas for volunteering this winter? Here are a few:

  • Visit a nursing home or assisted living home
  • Help serve a lunch or dinner at a soup kitchen
  • Donate your time to help a local drive such as Toys for Tots
  • Reach out to new moms to help with laundry or dishes so they can rest
  • Volunteer at a local library (which is also a great place to meet people!)

6. Connect with other Catholic singles around you


You can reach out to the singles at your church, workplace, or locate them through Catholic Singles with online dating. By doing so you’ll find a bit of comfort in sharing time with others that aren’t constantly swooning over their partners or surrounded by family every minute of the day.

Sure, it can be a lot of fun to be in the midst of family celebrations and friends with large families. But it’s good for your heart to spend time with people that can empathize with your current season of life.

Fellow single friends get it. There are no pretenses and you don’t have to force a smile if you’re just not feeling it. They can make a great support system and become just the family you need around the holidays.

7. Connect with Christ on a deeper level


Many different countries use the winter months as a time to turn in and reflect. Perhaps they are onto something good here. Instead of running around crazily stressed out about buying presents and making the perfect dinners, they curl up indoors and turn within.

This Christmas season, perhaps turn to God and focus on building an even stronger relationship. Spend the downtime you have over the holidays talking with him in adoration or within the quiet of your home and get to know him in a new way.

Prepare for the birth of the Savior in a way that everyone should be doing this Advent. By clinging to Jesus, it’s impossible to be alone.

8. Take part in Advent programs

advent season

The Christmas season is full of opportunities to celebrate Advent and you should definitely take advantage of them. If your church doesn’t have anything set up for the Advent season, check online to see what other local parishes do.

You may be pleasantly surprised to see how many people are gathering this time of year to celebrate the coming birth of Jesus and preparing for it together. This provides a great way to share your faith with others (and also to meet new singles!).

9. Gather with family


If you are lucky enough to have family nearby, reach out and get together. Family visits don’t have to be reserved just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes surrounding ourselves with those that love us unconditionally is the best way to kick loneliness to the curb.

If you don’t have family nearby, gather your community of friends together. No need to plan anything elaborate or special, just set a date for dinner, drinks or coffee. Have them over for a movie or go ice skating together.

Sharing the Christmas season with people you care about with dispels the winter blues quicker than you might think.

10. Go to the gym


Most people are wait until the new year to tackle their resolution.  Don’t be most people! Why not take advantage of the almost empty gym this time of the year? Exercise floods the brain with feel good endorphins and the gym is a great place to meet other singles. It’s a win win!

Check out a local fitness class or running group and hop in right away. People in these groups are often very friendly and encouraging, especially around the holidays.

Don’t ever think that you are truly alone. Holiday season or not, there are always people there for you, even ones that you haven’t met yet. Reach out to people you know or begin a new adventure at here at Catholic Singles!

We wish you the happiest most joy filled Christmas season ever, and hope you’ll spend it with us!