5 Unique Resolutions to Make You a Better Dater in 2020


It is a brand new decade!

Maybe 2020 finds you hopeful and excited with all the new possibilities a new year and decade can hold for you. But maybe you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or even resentful of where your current reality finds you.

Regardless of your relationship status (or lack thereof) as you head into 2020, your current reality doesn’t have to define your outlook and attitude. That’s one of the reasons I love things like goal setting and making resolutions. 

Over the last few years, I have had some incredible experiences. I ran two marathons, grew professionally as a writer and speaker, traveled solo, went on road trips, and learned how to become a better dater.

I don’t know where the end of this year finds you as you head into 2020. If you find yourself single looking ahead to 2020, here are a variety of resolutions to help you look to the future with joy, gratitude, and hope.

1. Update your dating profile 

dating app

Why not start the New Year with updating your dating profile? Spice things up a bit! Post that fabulous Christmas photo of you that makes you feel great. Then, add some new points about your hobbies or interests.

If you are not happy with the dating site, you are currently on, perhaps add a few more in for variety and trying something new.

You might be surprised what happens when you broaden the playing field.

Have you created a profile on Catholic Singles? Ever thought about upgrading to a paid account with access to all of our online dating features?

With so many people creating online profiles during the holidays, this is a great time to give a full profile on Catholic Singles a try. Find out more here! 

2. Practice dating by going on lots of dates 

woman waiting for a date

This is a relatively new concept for me in the last year. You want to know how to become a better dater? Go on lots of dates with lots of different people!

Practice dating by going lots of dates until one man or woman stands out among the rest. Until you are exclusive with someone, assume that they are also dating other people.

Going out on dates gives you opportunities to practice the art of dating while also figuring out what you want and do not in a serious relationship.

In my own life, I have found this idea helpful in being open to other men while not too emotionally attached to a man early on in getting to know him.

3. Serve in your parish 


Be on the lookout for opportunities to serve other people in your parish community.

Does the Meals on Wheels program need help delivering food to home-bound seniors?

Have you ever thought about serving in one of the various liturgical ministries at Sunday Mass?

Does the faith formation program need catechists?

Are there service opportunities that speak to your interests or passions?

Have you ever thought about bringing Holy Communion to some of the home-bound parishioners?

Sometimes it can feel lonely in life to not have that special someone to share our life with. If that is the case, use serving others as a way to give and express your love to people. You might be surprised by the ways it touches and blesses other people.

4. Be more intentional in nurturing other relationships 

happy friends

One of my goals for 2019 was to be more intentional in connecting with my parents on a weekly basis and nurturing my many female friendships. I called and visited my folks at least once a week. Then, I made mental and written notes in my planner of friends’ birthdays and people I wanted to get together with each month.

I made the time to better pour into other people’s lives, and it really opened my eyes to the point that we need to make time for family and friends whether we are single or in a serious relationship.

Make some concrete plans for 2020 on how you will intentionally nurture and develop your different family and friend relationships.

How will you make time to meet in real life each month?

What are ways you can celebrate their birthdays?

For some who live far away or out of state, how will you prioritize time to connect and talk?

5. Read good books on dating and relationships

reading a book

I’m a bookworm so making time to read is something that just comes naturally to me in life.

In seasons of my own singleness, I often use that time to grow on myself as an individual. I have found it helpful to make time to read good books on things like boundaries, healthy sexuality in dating, how to communicate better, etc.

Boundaries in Dating” and “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” are two of my favorites if you’re looking for recommendations to add to your reading list.

Use the time you are single to grow and develop better tools that can be utilized when the right man or woman does come along.

Is there anything else you would add to this list? How do you handle making resolutions as a Catholic Single, what are some of your own insights from the journey? Let us know in the comments!