8 Simple Hacks to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

a guy browsing through an online dating app

If you could, in a few clicks, make your online dating experience better, would you? Of course! Everyone would, they just don’t always know how to.

Online sites that are trying to build an empire off of your hard earned money have a knack for making dating online seem complicated.

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re on a great online dating site, you won’t need any special tricks or hacks to have the messages rolling in. All you need to do is build a great profile, and the notifications will come.

Many sites over complicate the profile building experience. They’ll hook you with fancy phrases trying to get your credit card number in exchange for a perfect profile formula. But in reality, everything you need to know to improve it is pretty simple.

Tired of getting passed over? Ready to improve your online dating profile, while keeping things simple?

Try these easy hacks to kick your online dating life in high gear.

1. Upload a REALLY good picture of yourself

taking a good selfie

Ditch the sunset over the ocean from your summer vacation. Yes, it was beautiful and you can see God in it. But people go to church to find Jesus. They go to your profile to find you.

Choose a preferably close up flattering picture of yourself. Are you smiling? Do you look approachable?

A picture can and will stop people in their tracks when they are sifting through online profiles. If you put your best face forward, it makes people feel like they are looking at a person, not just a profile.

2. Use proper grammar

happy woman browsing through an online dating app

I may spend most of my days writing for online websites, but I can’t tell you how many evenings are spent helping friends edit their online dating profiles. True story!

It is a big turn off to try and read through someone’s profile when the grammar is painful to read. Does this means you aren’t going to get a date if you’re not an English major? Absolutely not!

What it does mean is that if writing and grammar isn’t your strong suit, it will serve you well to have a friend or family member take a look and help make edits before you go public.

3. Keep it simple

a guy browsing through an online dating app

This is an online dating profile, not an autobiography. Yes you want to write about yourself, but you don’t need to write as if you’re entering into a literary contest.

Be creative and interesting, but use conversational language. It’s easy to sound uptight and disconnected when you don’t keep your tone basic and easy to understand.

Someone whose profile is easy to read will attract more attention because it says, “Hey, I’m easy to talk to, come say hi.”

4. Invite people to stop by

a woman browsing through an online dating app

To really make your profile feel approachable, invite people in! Sometimes we forget that people would still like an invitation even if you’re dating online.

Think about the analogy of dating in person. You’re most likely not going to have potential dates knocking on your door without a previous invitation.

Don’t assume that just because you have an online dating profile set up, that people will automatically stop by. You have to give them a reason to. Invite people in with a question or ask them to drop a message.

5. Include your hobbies and interests


If you like to talk about yourself, you’re in luck. About 80% of your profile should be about YOU.

Don’t waste all of your space talking too much about what you’re looking for in someone else. When people stop by your profile, they should be getting a picture of you and your life. Often, that will tell them what kind of person you are and who you’d pair well with.

6. Be positive

a girl browsing through an online dating app

People often connect easier with the positive attitudes and takes on life. You want your profile to look half full, rather than half empty, if you get my drift.

Let’s say you can’t stand cold weather. Instead of stating, “I hate the cold!” give it a positive spin by saying something like, “I love hot chocolate when the weather turns bitter!” instead. Or even, “My favorite weather is warm and sunny. I would love it if every day was summer!”

Putting a positive spin on your profile will attract rather than detract potential browsers and make that first connection a happy one.

7. Upload pictures that show who you are

a woman browsing through an online dating app

If your profile is telling a story, don’t forget that pictures are worth many, many words. In addition to your hobbies and interests, make sure your online dating profile shows different sides of you when you throw up pictures.

Action shots and pictures of you doing the things you love are great additions to a profile. Give people a look into the person that they are reading about, and make sure it’s a look at the real you.

Sometimes people will speed read through important things, but pictures will always catch their attention.

8. Be honest about why you’re here

online dating

Done with casual dating and ready to find your spouse for life? Go ahead and put it out there.

If you want a profile that’s going to bring in the right people for you, then go ahead and be blunt about what you’re here for.

Keep it fun and upbeat and give someone who is looking for the same things you are, the chance to connect with confidence. They will!

Online dating really can be a great experience and we are lucky to have the opportunity to utilize it. The number of people you’re exposed to is incredible and it makes meeting them easy!

When utilizing good online dating websites you’re also assured that you’ll meet the right kind of people. That’s a luxury that only dating in person can’t always bring.

Take advantage of these easy hacks and improve your profile pretty effortlessly. We think you’ll be really glad you did!