What to Do If You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Isn’t so Pumped About You Meeting Someone Through Online Dating


Can we just agree that online dating in 2020 is just a weird place to be sometimes?

Online dating can feel stressful, frustrating, or perhaps a bit overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re constantly swiping left on Bumble.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Other times, online dating can feel exciting, fun, maybe even a bit adventurous. One time, I went on the official first coffee date. Our conversation ended with us deciding to go to a Carrie Underwood concert together!

You just never know what will happen in the wonderful world of online dating as a Catholic single.

This year, maybe you’re getting more comfortable with online dating, including all of the potential stress and excitement.

But there may be other people in your life who aren’t as comfortable with you venturing into the world of online dating and meeting people you connected with on the internet.

Your grandma may be wondering why you can’t just meet someone nice at church.  If only it were that easy, grandma.

Perhaps your parents are nervous about your safety and afraid you’ll end up going out with a potential serial killer. I know my dad has questioned me many times for wanting to meet up with people I only know through a dating website.

Maybe you have friends that have met their spouse the old fashioned way through mutual friends and just keep convincing you to say yes to one more blind or double date.

While much of the younger dating population meets more people online today, the reality is that not everyone in your life maybe be thrilled or happy about you meeting someone through online dating websites.

So how do you react when family members or friends are not super pumped about you meeting someone through online dating?

Here are a couple ideas to deal with the people in your life who may have differing opinions on the topic.

1. Authentically listen to their concerns

friends seriously talking

The reason people in your life are hesitant about online dating is because they love and care for you. They genuinely want the best for you and your future. They want to see you happy and fulfilled.

Genuinely listen to their concerns and feelings on the matter, even if you do not necessarily agree with them. Make sure you allow them to feel heard.

Giving family or friends a chance to express themselves will likely be better for your relationship long term.

Now, if they are acting codependent or manipulative about it, that is a different story.

2. Be honest about your feelings

talk with a friend

It’s important to genuinely listen to the concerns from people in your life. But you should also be able to honestly express your feelings.

Perhaps be a bit vulnerable and open up to share on some of the difficulties you express in being single and Catholic.

Share how you are being safe, wise, and discerning as you navigate your online dating experience.

3. Explain how online dating sites work

talk with a friend

Regardless of whom in your life is less than thrilled about you trying online dating, consider taking the time to explain how the different sites you use work.

I personally enjoyed dating sites like Bumble and Hinge because they allow women to reach out to make the connection first. After a woman sends the initial message, a man has 24 hours to respond to further the conversation. Many women express feeling safer with features like that being built in to how a site works.

Meanwhile, online dating websites like Catholic Singles and Catholic Match allow you to see meet and connect with people who value and are looking to find a man or woman with similar Catholic values and beliefs.

Take the time to explain how online dating sites work. Help break down their fears or worst scenario stories loved ones may be unnecessarily creating in their minds when it comes to online dating.

4. If you want them to meet someone, that means online dating can work

talk with a friend

Part of the thrill of dating (I think) is the first time I bring a man to meet my parents, siblings, and closest friends.

At the end of the day, if you bring someone home to your folks you met through online dating, that is wonderful and exciting!

It is also a sign (especially to the doubters in your life) that online dating can open up doors to help you meet a special, high-value man or woman.

Share with the people closest to you that if you bring someone home to meet them, that is a great indicator that online dating can work and help many people find that special someone.

Have you ever had the experience of friends or family not loving the idea of you meeting someone online?

How have you navigated that as a Catholic Single desiring to meet someone?

Is there anything else you would add to this list?