Never Say These Things on Your First Date

Let’s be honest getting to know people through Catholic dating apps can be a bit awkward at times.

This is especially true when it comes to that first date. It can be a real struggle to break the ice, discover things to talk about, and figure out how to connect with the man or woman you’re getting to know.

Maybe you’ve been on quite a few dates and know all too well the experience of saying just the wrong thing. Or, if you don’t have a lot of Catholic dating experience, perhaps you’re worried that you won’t know what to say when you’re on dates in the future.

When you connect with someone, the conversation will probably flow naturally. But there are a few red flag topics to steer clear of saying on a date, especially on a first or second date. Here are our top topics to avoid:

You’re not an internet creeper

There are a lot of creepers out there these days. Obviously you are not one of them. But your date might not know that for certain. After all, they’re just getting to know you.

Most men and women who have a dating profile on Catholic dating apps are already on guard against getting catfished, eclipsed, or ghosted.

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Being conscience of these trends help you avoid language that could make your date wonder if you’re in Catholic dating circles for the right reasons. For example, it’s wise to avoid saying phrases like “The trunk of my car is big enough to hold a body.”

Would you ever have cause to say something like that on a date? Probably not. But nerves can cause us to stray towards random topics.

Perhaps a more likely scenario would be to accidentally present yourself as a stalker. “I know every last thing there is to know about (insert celebrity name here)” might lead your date to wonder if they’re your next obsession.

Meanwhile, saying something like “My last relationship ended because my ex thought I was too controlling” opens conversation topics that you shouldn’t crack open until at least after a few dates. Remember, gossiping about your ex is a no-go topic regardless. If things go further than a few dates, you need to be honest about past relationships. But that topic isn’t one to dive into on date one.

You have ambitions

There are many different scenarios that can add up in our lives to make it so that we’re not exactly where we want to be. In most cases, those types of things aren’t great to mention on dates.

For example, telling the man or woman you’re on a date with that you still live with your parents. There are numerous reasons this could be true for an adult. But if you don’t want to get into all of the details of why this is the case in your situation, don’t lead with this. Another topic to steer clear of is complaining about your job, or labeling it as a dead-end position.  Maybe you want to talk about what you’d rather be doing instead, but avoid making yourself sound like someone who is totally cool with mediocrity.

The same could be said about making yourself sound directionless in your personal life. You should steer clear of saying things that make it seem like you haven’t thought about the future or don’t have dreams for what’s to come. This is particularly true in the Catholic dating world.

Most single Catholics who are logged into Catholic dating apps are actively looking for someone they could be called to marriage and family life with. If you lay out how little serious consideration you’ve given to what you’d like your future to look like, that doesn’t lend itself to a relationship with the person you’re on a date with.

You’re not that weird internet person

A relative of mine is obsessed with fantasy football. Every year, he organizes a league of family members and friends. When his draft day comes, he shows up with his laptop and a spreadsheet of stats on all the players. To call him intense about it would be an understatement.

This year, he brought his girlfriend to the draft party. A few rounds in, she announced, “You were right. It’s a good thing this wasn’t my first impression of you.”

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The fact that you’re a Catholic man or woman looking for love via Catholic dating apps doesn’t make you a weird internet person. Does that mean you can never share with them your love of speaking in a language you created yourself or of collecting toenail clippings? No, just delay talking about it for a bit until you have a better idea of how they will feel about your weirdness.

There is definitely room for personal weirdness in a relationship, but you need to be prudent. When in doubt about what to avoid saying on a date, take a breath and relax. Remember, everyone is weird in their own way. We all have quirks and interests that are specific to us—and that’s a good thing! The right person is likely to mesh with your particular personality.