5 Ways to Meet Someone This Holiday Season, Even During COVID

Single, Catholic, and dating during a global pandemic. I’m pretty sure none of us saw this one coming.

COVID has impacted our world in many ways this past year. Particularly for single Catholic men and women, the ability to meet in person, go on dates, and get to know someone in person has radically changed. That’s not to say things won’t go back to normal at some point, but dating looks and feels different right now.

I’ve seen and experienced these changes in my own life as a single Catholic woman. In the last month, I actually went on two Zoom dates (yes, that’s a thing these days!). I had one in-person date outside and half the time we wore our masks.

Dating right now feels a little bit odd, but on some level we have to work with the situations life presents to us.

Now more than ever, the rise of online dating is a great (probably the best option!) for meeting people when in-person gatherings are severely limited. Online dating can be great. However, it can sometimes it can feel frustrating and disheartening. I’ve found myself all across that spectrum at different points. But it’s important to remember that our attitude affects how we view our current reality. What’s the reality for today? It’s time for online dating to shine.

While the circumstances may not be what we want, take advantage of online dating as the best tool you have right now for connecting and meeting new people. Here are a few things you may find helpful.

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Spend a certain amount of time each day on connecting

Spending a fixed amount of time connecting with other single Catholics has been a game changer in my online dating life. I can meet others without becoming obsessive about meeting people. Each day (sometimes every other day!) I try to spend a certain amount of time looking at profiles and sending new messages to men.

This practice helps me feel focused and intentional about dating while still being present to living my own full life right now.

Develop a personal dating plan

I learned about this idea from listening to a podcast of a dating coach I enjoy. Create a ninety day dating plan and take time to evaluate it at thirty and then sixty days. A dating plan is twofold: What do you want to work on externally? What do you want to work on internally?

External things could include how many people you want to connect with each week or how many dates you would like have gone on in a month. Meanwhile, internal things would be identifying limiting beliefs holding you back or changing your self talk as it relates to dating.

A dating plan could help you feel more focused and intentional about your own dating experience.

Put yourself out there

Being active on several different platforms can widen your opportunities and enhance the abilities to connect with more people. Find a couple different apps or online platforms you feel comfortable with and that you could see yourself regularly engaging with. Add in some intentional time to connect (safely!) with members of your church community or city.

Your chances increase of meeting and connecting with someone the more opportunities you use to help you do this.

Has COVID19 affected the dating experience for Catholic singles? You bet your bottom dollar it has! However, the current reality does not have to permanently define our circumstances and personal narrative around dating.

Be open. Try something new. Use your membership to the fullest possibility. And always, allow yourself to be surprised.

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