10 Christmas Gift Ideas if You Just Started Dating

Did you just start dating your significant other and now don’t know what to get him/her for Christmas? You want to do something nice for the new guy or gal in your life, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.
Here are some gift ideas that say, “I like you enough to buy you a present and I didn’t do this in a last-minute panic.”

1. Start with some socks 

Socks are a classic Christmas gift. Here’s the amazing twist to this gift: religious socks! Grab a pair of the Nativity Socks from Sock Religious and wrap them up nice for your honey.

Alternatively, you could gift your new significant other with a sock club membership and he or she receive a new pair of socks every month for a year. This a great, simple way for your partner to remember you throughout the year.

2. You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt

T-shirts are another apparel item that will be sure to knock his or her socks off. There are so many great Catholic-related t-shirts out there that you will have absolutely no problem finding the perfect one for your new beau or lady. But it can be overwhelming.

Brick House in the City offers all different kinds of shirts, mostly in unisex cut, featuring all sorts of different saints, quotes, and other Catholic awesomeness. There are shirts geared specifically for teachers, medical workers, and educators. Litany shirts with men, women, American, 20th century, and black saints. There are even sweatshirts! You’ll definitely be able to find a shirt that says, “Even though we just started dating, I know you well enough to know you’d really like this.”

Check out their Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati shirt!

3. Get cozy with cups or travel mugs

Mugs or cups are the perfect gift for someone you just started dating. Head back to Brick House in the City but this time look for their cups and travel mug!

If your significant other is always on the go or is really good about hydrating, a fun cup or travel mug is the perfect gift for her. This set of five color-changing cups is so fun and is sure to be appreciated.

4. Give them a memorable key chain

This is an especially great gift for someone who is always misplacing their keys. A key chain is a great way to tailor to your significant other’s tastes and likes while sprucing up their keys to make them less likely to be lost.

Tiny Saints keychains have oodles of saints to choose from, including a lot of lesser-known holy men and women.

5. Go for a classic rosary gift 

Giving a Rosary to your new Catholic boyfriend or girlfriend may seem like a cop-out, but it’s not! Encouraging devotion to our Mother is never a cop-out and with so many small shops making custom rosaries these days, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your partner’s tastes and devotions.

SmallThingsGr8tLove has a surplus of beautiful and varied rosaries, including this olive wood single decade. You can get him a durable rosary he can carry in his pocket without worrying it will break. Maybe she’d appreciate a rosary inspired by a favorite saint or Marian apparition.

Similarly, you could also gift sacrifice beads (a favorite devotion of St. Thérèse) like this one from Happy Nest Home Goods.

6. Give the gift of a journal or some stationary

Everyone always needs something to write on and there are endless varieties!

This journal from Annunciation Designs comes in a special bundle right now, and their note cards are simple but beautiful, too. Meyer Market Designs has TONS of stationary options to choose from.

Some new paper goods are a great way to start a new year and are a great way to say, “I believe in you and the future is a blank canvas. I can’t wait to see what you’ll fill it with and I hope to be a part of it.”

Who knows, maybe your beau or lady will use this gift to write love notes to you!

7. Fancy up their kitchen with some new tea towels

Spruce up their kitchen with a cool, Catholic tea towel! Brick House in the City has some and check out this one from Annunciation Designs. But for something a little different check out these bleach-dyed ones (my favorites) from Pycnocline. It’s something your partner will use everyday and it’s a different way to bring the Catholic faith into his or her life.

We need to remember God when we’re working away in the kitchen, too!

8. Give the scent of Christmas with some new candles

Candles are an easy gift, and you can pick one up for the new man or woman in your life all while supporting another small catholic business. easy! For instance, check out the candles from Honeybird Handicrafts. This remarkable business is owned and operated by a Catholic mother and survivor of domestic abuse working to keep herself free and to set her children free. Not only is the woman behind the work incredible, her products are great, too! These homemade, hand-poured candles don’t just come in a variety of amazing scents, they also come in one-of-a-kind decorative holders. No two candles are alike!

So when your lady opens up her gift and gives you the “Wow this is it?” look, you can tell her this candle is unique to her and supports a Catholic small business owner and mother.

9. Celebrate with a special ornament

What evokes the Christmas spirit more than ornaments! Okay, maybe the Baby Jesus does. But ornaments make great Christmas gifts! Courage and Birch has beautiful woodsy ones (and wood plaques!). This Sacred Heart ornament from Little Way Design Co. is sure to evoke the love of Christ in its recipient.

Meyer Market Designs offers this twelve days of Christmas ornament set. Be A Heart also offers four different unbreakable globe ornaments with beautiful depictions of the Holy Family and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

10. Give the gift of a book this year

Whether you give a physical book, an audio book, or a digital copy, a book is a great gift when you don’t know someone that well yet or are just treading into a serious relationship. There are all sorts of different books on different types of spirituality, different saints, Church history, Church teaching, and pretty much any other subject you can think of.

Whatever you decide to give your not-so-serious significant other this Christmas season, the most important part is to give with the intention of showing love.

Don’t worry too much! The spirit of giving is alive and well this time of year and these gifts are sure to both say, “I’m glad I’m with you” and “I know that we’ve only just started dating.”

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