A Catholic Singles Success Story: Five Months After They Met on Catholic Singles, They Were Married!

Eric and Yovanna both created online dating profiles on the Catholic Singles dating app in April 2021. Before they even met, they’d both been praying in Mass that the Lord would introduce them to their future spouse.

Growing in love was effortless

Eric and Yovanna’s first date was at Balboa Park in San Diego. After their first date, they decided to go on a second date. “When you know, you know,” Eric said, reminiscing about the first time they met in person. “Everything was moving so effortlessly for both of us. We both felt God’s hand in it. We both prayed for our Lord to make haste in bringing us together as one, and He did!”

Five months after meeting each other on Catholic Singles, Eric and Yovanna got married. Yovanna’s father is a deacon and witnessed their vows.

“All I could think on our wedding day was ‘I’m actually getting married to my best friend, the love of my life.’ Seeing her walking down the aisle left me speechless,” Eric remembers.

After their wedding, they headed to Yovanna’s family home for the reception. They spent the rest of our night dancing, eating and drinking with family and friends.

What would Eric and Yovanna tell couples looking for love on Catholic Singles?

“We feel so blessed to have narrowed our search and been able to find one another from the Catholic Singles app,” Eric says when he thinks about his love story with Yovanna.
If you’re a single Catholic man or woman and you’re waiting for God to introduce you to your future spouse, Eric would encourage you to persevere and wait for the Lord.
“God loves a humble and contrite heart. Don’t ever give up on searching. After a long and arduous journey for both me and my beloved, we were finally given the eternal gift of each other,” he writes.

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