7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single


Valentine’s Day. That one day a year when romance is in the air like a sickly-sweet perfume and hearts seem to be popping out of everyone’s eyes.

It can be a hard day to be a Catholic single, with celebrations constantly reminding you of what you desire and what you lack.

But don’t despair!

Here are some healthy ways for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single and without wallowing in pity.

1. Don’t celebrate at all 

single woman

No one is going to force you to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s totally cool to sit it out! Just go about the day as normal and don’t do any of the things you would do for Valentine’s day.

Plenty of people throughout the world don’t even know what Valentine’s Day is, so you don’t have to acknowledge it in any way, either.

2. Go out with friends


The heart of Valentine’s Day is celebrating love and relationships with people you love. So spend it with some friends!

Go out to dinner together, see a movie, or have a potluck at someone’s house.

You could also skip Valentine’s Day altogether (see above) and instead celebrate Galentine’s Day on February 13 with your gal pals.

3. Treat yourself

eating burger

Take yourself out for a fancy dinner. Get a massage or a mani/pedi. Dress up and stay in. Buy yourself something special.

Whatever would make you feel like you’re doing over and above for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do, do it!

Why? Because you’re worth it and you don’t need to be in a relationship to recognize and celebrate your worth.

4. Volunteer with a charity


Volunteer with at-risk youth or some other vulnerable population. There are people for whom the holidays and special days throughout the year are even harder on and a great way to get over and out of ourselves is by spending our time with these populations.

These sorts of things are actually why we have Valentine’s Day in the first place.

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While not much is known about his life, as it is surrounded by legends, Saint Valentine was a real man who helped the vulnerable people in his community. He is said to have married couples in secret due to persecution of Christians, restored a blind girl’s sight, and left a note signed “Your Valentine”.

Follow in his example and spread the love around your community!

5. Make Valentines for kids in children’s hospitals

playing with kids

These are some of the loneliest kids imaginable, kids who are suffering from disease and ailments and who are separated from friends and family.

Handcraft some Valentines cards for your nearest children’s hospital or children’s ward and let them know that they are not forgotten.

The personal touch will give you something to do and validate the worth of these patients.

6. Pray for your future spouse


What a perfect day to do this! Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of married couples, so whose intercession would be better for your future spouse?

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Go take a holy hour at your parish. If you can’t get to a holy hour, pray a rosary for your future spouse.

Praying a rosary is like crowning Mary with roses, so it would be like giving your future spouse a bouquet on this day of celebrating love.

7. Do NOT watch Hallmark movies alone

watching movie

Seriously, don’t do it, it will not end well for you.

Nothing will make you wallow in your singleness quicker than a sappy Hallmark movie. That is not the way you want to be any day, but especially on a day when your singleness can seem so glaring.

If you must watch a Hallmark movie, have a friend or two over so that you remember you are never alone and that things will end well for you. You could also have a Hallmark movie viewing party where you and your friends have to point out all the ways the relationships portrayed are realistic or unrealistic.

Have fun with this!

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