5 Lessons We Learned as Single Catholics in 2020

2020 was a year for the books. Together, we experienced a worldwide pandemic, quarantine, and a political power shift. The past twelve months brought with it things that could have broken us, but we also lived through months that made us stronger. 

For single Catholics, 2020 brought with it an especially valuable lesson: you are resilient in ways you never knew. You were given challenges and overcame them. It may not have been easy, but here you are. 

The new year is upon us and it may not be showing off in the way that we had hoped, but that is ok. 2020 taught us all that we have a special, particular place in this world as single Catholic men and women. Instead of focusing on all of the negatives 2020 brought, take some time to reflect over the past year and find the positives. You may be surprised at just how equipped you are to take on this next chapter of the journey.

2020 reminded us that we’re worthy

Despite the chaos, 2020 shone a bright light into the life of many singles. When the world shut down, restaurants and schools closed, people hiding away in fear, many faithful people remained.

With all the worries on the plates of Americans and people worldwide, it would have been easy to walk away from friendship and relationships. But 2020 brought some unique and incredible chances to connect with family, friends, and people you may have met for the very first time. You’re worthy of human relationship. 

2020 was the perfect excuse to ignore, leave, or just give up on people. But you were not given up on. Whether it be your friends, family or someone you met through online dating, every relationship the past year has proved your worth in new ways.

God’s whisper echoed through a scared and divided world through the love and friendship He sent your way. You’re worthy of human relationship. 

Last year taught us that we’re loved

Think back on last year for a few minutes. Take each month, one at a time, and think of the people you met, spent time with, and communicated with. Family. Friends. Dates. The year 2020 will be condemned for so many things it brought. But what about all of the good it revealed to you?

In what ways did people help and encourage you? Remember the ways that you met people outside and in unique gatherings and experienced authentic community. 

What company did you keep during the months the world was shut down? Each friendship and new relationship showed you that you were cared for.

How did you feel God’s presence? Recall the ways that you experienced the Lord whether it was through a quiet moment of reflection or a particularly poignant line from a homily or conversation.

With the beginning of 2021 not bringing much relief, it is important to remember that a new year will not and could not be our savior. We only have one, and He has been with you through it all. You are loved.

2020 taught us that we each have a place of belonging 

It’s not uncommon to feel lost as a single Catholic man or woman. When everyone else seems to hold their vocations in confidence, it’s tempting to wonder where your place is in the world.  But last year reminded us that regardless of your vocation, life can throw you some curveballs.  While husbands and wives had to learn many new roles (working from home, having kids at home, etc.) Catholic singles learned new ways of living too.

Online dating became a main attraction when social distancing was instituted. Singles everywhere were empowered by the fact that even if your parish, bookstore and local coffee shops are closed, there are still people here looking for authentic and meaningful connection. 

Catholic singles learned that online dating isn’t just a last ditch hope to find that special someone. No, they learned that an online dating app can build a powerful community. Singles learned in 2020 that no matter what plagues the earth and how people react, there is always a place for you.

Last year’s difficulties reminded us that we can do all things in Christ

As a single Catholic man or woman, it’s important to remember that with Christ, you have the ability to handle and make the best of anything that is thrown your way. Many Catholics have matured out of a year that brought many to their knees. Relationships have been kindled when all odds were against them. People have connected in deep and meaningful ways even when curfews were instituted and entire cities shut down.

Catholic singles across America, and the whole world for that matter, found a way to stay connected and to continue to grow in their current vocations, whatever they may be.

Singles have met hard and complicated issues with practical and successful solutions. The community has grown tight knit even though it is large and growing!

Catholic singles have learned that with Christ they can do incredible things. Through the hard, the good, the ugly and the beautiful, you know that you can walk through 2021 with a meaning and purpose that will help you overcome anything. 

2020 helped us recognize the beauty of the present moment

If 2020 taught us anything, it is how incredibly important the present moment is. It’s easy to get lost in thought of the future or worry over the past. But the truth is that the most important time of our lives is the time we are living in right now.

2021 can be anything you make of it. Yes, we are living in a time of strife, but what time in history has ever been void of suffering? We’re also living in a time of advanced technology that has opened doors never walked through before.

Catholic singles have the opportunity to grow and inspire in ways like never before. What will your year bring? There is so much hope and so many options! 

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