9 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Singles

The new year is here! Whether or not you decide to take a chance on online dating in the months to come, there are great things on the horizon for you.

Forget about that “new year, new you” mentality. There’s no need to reinvent yourself year after year. In 2019, the best challenge you can undertake is to get in touch with your true self. Learn to appreciate your interests, likes, dislikes, good qualities and bad. Stop trying to fit into someone else’s model of your perfect self. Simply be your best you.

There’s an ancient Japanese art called Kintsukuroi. This art method involves repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer. The goal is to elevate the piece by celebrating its history, rather than trying to hide its imperfections. In the end, the pottery is even more beautiful than it was when it first came out of the kiln.

That’s our hope for, for you. This year, recognize God’s light repairing you where you were broken. Then, you can appreciate everything that’s happened to you.

Keep reading for some simple ways to start your year off on the right foot.

Starting the new year right

Step one in the process of self discovery is to choose goals that inspire you. Your resolutions should make you feel excited to move forward. Stay away from resolutions that make you feel inadequate. Past slip ups don’t make you a failure. You can follow through and meet your goals.

There’s no right or wrong way to learn more about yourself. So this year is all about winning! No more failures, no more disappointments. This year is all about you being you.

Remember, the end goal is to be your best self. Your resolutions should help you find contentment and prepare you for the next chapter.

Discover yourself

Anyone out there a people pleaser? That’s me, through and through. I remember chatting with a close friend a few years ago. In an effort to help me find a hobby, she asked what I enjoy doing. It hit me then: I didn’t know. I stumbled over my words and ended up settling on reading and being outside. There must be more than that, right? At that point, I committed to paying more attention to my own interests, so I could learn what I actually enjoy.

You can, too. Here are some ways to discover your true self:

  • Keep a journal.
  • Try new hobbies.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Meditate, or spend time in adoration.
  • Chat with people who are different from you.

Keep in mind, this isn’t about working through your deepest issues. It’s simply about discovering your preferences so you can better share yourself with others.

After you’ve learned about your likes and dislikes, it’s a good idea to update your online dating profile. You might catch the eye of someone new.

Discover a deeper relationship with your faith

There’s no better way to appreciate your true self than to get in touch with the Lord. Prayer doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, you can discover ways to pray that are enjoyable and uplifting to you. Find someone to go to Eucharistic adoration with you, arrive early to mass to pray the rosary, volunteer at the food pantry, or get involved in parish ministries.

Better yet, connect with other catholic singles. A community of faith can introduce you to new ways to pray and can support your through all of life’s challenges. Life is tough, but having catholic friends can take your faith to the next level and help you find joy on every step of your journey.

Have more fun

That’s right, I said it. Resolve to have more fun this year. You deserve to enjoy yourself and make memories that will last.

Try something you’ve always wanted to do, or make more time for friends. Indulge in a treat every now and then. Take a chance and reach out to people of interest. You may really click with someone new.

Most importantly, don’t take life too seriously. The more you can view your life with a playful and joyful attitude, the more you’ll enjoy the year to come.

Plan a career path

One way to boost your confidence in thew new year is to set career goals and follow through with them. Ask yourself where you want to be a year from now. Make concrete steps to reach your goals. When next December rolls around, you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come in a few month’s time.

Jump in with two feet and set that sales goal you’ve been eyeing, or go out and get that raise you deserve. If you’re miserable in your job, maybe this is your year to switch careers altogether. Say a prayer and follow your dreams. There’s no better time than now.

Spend more time with your family

We know that your family’s not perfect, no family is. But quality time with your loved ones might be just what you need to get in touch with your roots. After all, your family had an important role to play in the creation of you.

Make an effort to meet with your family more often. If there’s some tension there, try meeting on neutral ground. Here’s some ideas for quality activities that will help you grow closer to your family:

  • See a movie at the theater.
  • Try a local dive restaurant.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Paint pottery.
  • See a play at the community theater.
  • Cheer on your local high school football team.

Get involved in your community

If there’s one thing that’s true no matter where you live, it’s that your community needs you. Serving your neighbors is the perfect way to meet new people and to give yourself a self-esteem boost.

You can browse your church bulletin or local newspaper to find one-time and ongoing community service projects. Common opportunities include performing seasonal clean ups at the park, visiting with patients at the hospital or nursing home, and helping with set up or take down for community events.

This is a great time to invite an online dating interest to meet up in real life. Serving together is a great bonding experience!

Begin simply by showing up and getting to work. Everyone will be grateful for your help and you’ll feel great knowing that you made a difference in your community.

Take yourself on dates

If it feels right, put online dating aside for a while and focus on self care. Do you have a movie you’ve been wanting to see? Go for it. Want to try that new restaurant in town. Bon appetit!

Don’t put life on hold for someone else. After all, you deserve to experience your life to the fullest right now. No, it’s not weird to spend quality time alone. Self care is an import way to keep your mind healthy and boost your morale. In fact, self care in trending across social media sites these days.

This might be the perfect time of your life to travel or to cross off a few of your bucket list items. It doesn’t have to be all about online dating in the New Year, it can be about focusing on your self care. 

Let go of the pressures of online dating

This might be the toughest resolution on this list. But this year, make a resolution to stop stressing about your online dating journey. Relax your timeline and just enjoy the ride. Take this opportunity to meet new people, enjoy some friendly conversation, and spend time with people who make you feel at ease.

This year is about making memories you’ll cherish, so don’t worry about whether any of your interests will blossom into serious relationships. Just enjoy your time together.

Create a space you love

This is my favorite resolution of all time. Create a space where you feel truly at peace. It could be a fully stocked kitchen, a quiet reading corner, or a flourishing garden. Choose a space at work or home and consider everything you wish it would be. Then get to work and make those dreams a reality.

Practice organization and get rid of clutter. Beautify your space with plants, lighting, and cozy elements to make you feel at ease.

Making the most of your living and working spaces will promote peace in your own life, which will set you on the right path for successful relationships in the future.

This resolution is fun, engaging, and it has big gains for your mental and physical health.

Regardless of your goals for the New Year, positive resolutions can help you stay focused and motivate yourself to become your best you. If you decide to give online dating a try this year, swing by Catholic Singles. We’d love to help you find your perfect match.