Why Online Dating Works Best in the New Year

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Without a doubt, online dating can be frustrating at times. However, despite the frustrations, online dating works.

If you’re finding yourself single in the new year, now is the perfect time to put yourself out there and find the love you’ve been waiting for.

Online dating after the holidays

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The holidays are drawing to a close, but love is still in the air. A survey by Match.com revealed that 51% of single’s New Year’s resolutions is to socialize more and focus on finding that someone special.

If the holiday merriment, cheer, and concentration of social events left you feeling a little lonely, you’re not alone. Many single adults find themselves looking for someone to share life’s joys with in the winter months.

That’s great news if you’re looking for love!

New year, new online dating trends

happy woman using online dating app

There’s quite a bit of strategy you can put into your online dating profile creation and interaction with others. From that first message to the pages of people available, online dating sites can be intimidating. But a quick look at the dating trends of today can help inform you when it comes to your love life this year.

For instance, did you know that it’s better if you don’t procrastinate when it comes to messaging on an online dating site? “Messages sent within the first 24 hours are twice as likely to receive a response,” said Jean-Marie McGrath of Hinge. But most online dating users will take two and half days to return a message. Want to stand out on the web? Send prompt responses if you’re interested in getting to know someone better.

Another quick tip is that you should look at online dating more as online meeting. If you’ve been chatting with someone online for a while, pull the trigger and ask them out on a date in person. If you’re long distance, suggest a phone or Skype call. “You really want to get to meeting each other and make sure that there really is some sort of real connection before you develop a virtual fantasy of the relationship in your head,” Jess McCann, author of You Lost Him at Hello: From Dating to ‘I Do’ — Secrets from One of America’s Top Dating Coaches, said.

Maybe you’re headed online for the first time when it comes to dating. Perhaps you’re dusting off a profile that you created and forgot about. Regardless of your circumstances, put together your game plan about how you’re going to date differently this year for different results.

A fresh start for love 

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It’s a new year, which is a great time to get a fresh start in your love life. Maybe you’re recovering from getting dumped over the holidays, or are frustrated with online dating as a whole. Pack up the things in your apartment that remind you of your old relationships that ended in pain. Refresh your dating profile with new pictures and updated information.

Desiring a love that lasts a lifetime? Wanting to go on some first dates this year? It’s going to require effort on your part, but it’s worth it. Here are five online dating skills and tips to brush up on during the new year.

1. Be consistent in online dating

We all know how new year’s resolutions can get a bad rap. How many of us have seen the attendance at the gym waver after the first few weeks. Actually, I’m usually not there to see the attendance go down at fitness classes because I’m the first one to back out of them after a few times in my new gym sneakers.

If you’re committed to being serious about online dating this year, one of the most important things you can do is be consistent. Dating is a skill, and it’s one that you can continue to get better at!

A little rusty when it comes to going out on dates? You can read articles, watch videos, and ask for advice from friends. But if going out on dates is really the only true way to get better at interacting with others in a romantic setting. Going out consistently allows you a chance to tackle your nerves, which will decrease with each date. The fewer nerves, the better time you’ll have.

2. Set some new goals for online dating

Maybe putting yourself out there via online dating isn’t your only new year’s resolution. Perhaps you’re also starting a new fitness regime, or making sure to finish that book you started last year. Many of the resolutions people make frequently involve goals. If you’re being more intentional with fitness, maybe you’re hitting up the gym twice a week. If reading more is something you want in your life, maybe you’re setting aside time every day to read a few chapters.

Your resolution to date more often is no different. Go ahead and set some goals for this new year of online dating. Maybe you want to reach out to someone first this year, and conquer a fear. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take someone to your favorite restaurant and get to know someone over dessert. Set some fun goals and work on accomplishing them this year.

When you’re able to have fun while dating, it takes the pressure off of you and your date. Instead of frantically searching for “the one,” you’ll give yourself the opportunity to meet new people. Some dates may not so go so well, others may go beautifully. Regardless, online dating connects you to people you may have never met if you hadn’t created your profile.

3. Start swiping on Sunday

You may think that the best day to hit the online dating scene is today, January 1. After all, it’s the first day of the new year, and people are itching to fulfill their resolution obligations, right?

Actually, you may see more activity on your profile if you wait a few more days for January 6. There’s a few reasons for being patient and waiting. A lot of people travel for the holidays and are busy coming home after Christmas. After their suitcases are unpacked and they have a chance to catch their breath, then they’ll log into an online dating site or two.

If you really want to optimize your time on an online dating website, log in on Sunday evening. This is when most sites see great traffic, since people are planning their week ahead. Since it’s the first weekend of the new year, many are looking ahead to this month’s goals.

The best part of dating during the new year is that most people aren’t creating profiles and walking away from them. Instead, dating sites see profile views go up 25% between Christmas and Valentines Day. Even better is that the number of messages sent between members goes up 26%, too.

4. Share more about yourself

When you’re filling out your online profile, don’t skip on the details. It may be tempting to write vaguely about your interests, passions, and goals. But if you open up a little more, you’ll encourage others who view your profile to share more about their life as well.

Sure, there is always going to small talk, regardless of whether you’re dating someone local or meeting someone online. But if you’re honest about your interests, share a variety of photos, and show off your sense of humor.

If filling out your online dating profile is intimidating you, phone a friend. Ask them how they would describe you, and what they love the most about your personality!

5. Make the first move

Trying out new things is what the new year is all about.  Maybe making the first move on an online dating site makes you cringe. This could be the year to conquer your fear and send that first message! Regardless of whether you’re a guy or gal, making the first move on an online dating site is free game.

You don’t have to write a love sonnet, or dive into deep conversation right away. A simple hello and quick question is a great way to start a conversation.

Catholic Singles offers so many activities to meet other people. If you have an account on our site, you can participate in prayer boards, give your opinions in our polls, and take our personality compatibility test. These are all great, easy ways to engage in the community and reach out to other Catholic Singles users. They’re also website features that sets Catholic Singles apart from other dating websites!

Give online dating your best chance

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This year, give online dating your best chance. There are plenty of options for online dating, and we encourage you to consider Catholic Singles. It’s a great website where you can connect with someone who shares your values.

It’s a new year! Have fun, don’t take dating too seriously, and give online dating a chance. You never know, you may just find that special someone this year.