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These 7 Unusual Hobbies Will Help You Be Your Best Self

Jul 07 2018 By Laura Craver

“You need to find a hobby.” I wish I had a dime for every time I heard those words. For some reason, they always seem to come during my darkest moments. Honestly in those times, encouragement towards different hobbies never helped me.

The media loves to celebrate singleness for its freedom and flexibility, but the truth is that single life is hard. Loneliness is a trial, and the temptation to sink into sadness and isolation is all too real. The best way to weather the storm is to find contentment with who you are right here, right now. Hobbies can help.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a hobby hater for a long time. Hobbies just seemed like a waste of time. Who cares about my lopsided flower arrangement? What use is this grown up coloring page? It’s just going to end up in the trash.

It took me a while to realize that hobbies are about caring for yourself. The finished product is just icing on the cake.

Participating in enriching activities helps you stay in the moment and enjoy your current season of life. Hobbies give us a chance to recognize the goodness of life, in all its imperfection, and celebrating each and every moment.

There are a whole host of hobbies that were popular for centuries, and then fell by the wayside. These old-fashioned activities are back in style and better than ever because they focus on bettering self – especially during a season of singleness.


Pick your poison: beer, mead, spirits. Brewing isn’t just for monks and small-batch distilling didn’t end after prohibition. These intriguing hobbies don’t require much finesse: just some basic supplies and a rudimentary understanding of science. Who doesn’t love a good chemical reaction? If your science skills are a bit rusty, no problem. Pick up a starter kit at your local garden or brewing shop (yes, they exist).

Why is brewing a great hobby for Catholic singles? Brewing encourages fellowship. You’ll be given the opportunity to work with friends to develop new flavors and sample the end product. If you offer to share your stock, chances are friends will be lining up to try your brews.

Fiber Arts

This hobby made a comeback with the knitting flash mobs of the early 2000s, and it’s still going strong. Knitting and crocheting are an old standby, but quilting and hand-weaving are also on the rise. We can see why – textured fabric and woven purses are in style this season. Before you know it, autumn will be here, with its messy bun hats and cozy fingerless gloves. The best part? Most natural fibers are made from sustainable plants, making this hobby good for our earth and economy.

What does fostering a love of fiber arts offer during a time of singleness? It’s no secret that working with fiber takes patience and concentration, but it also has great applications for serving others. You can knit hats for preemies, crochet mittens for the homeless, or quilt blankets for the elderly. You can also can bring in a pretty penny making boutique items and selling them on Etsy!


Creating a self-sustaining homestead was a once requirement for all but the most wealthy people. In order to survive, you had to grow enough food for the warm months and put up plenty of fruits, veggies, and meat to last through the winter. Thank God for the advent of the grocery store! Now people are making it a hobby to create a self-sustaining household on their own property. Gardening, canning, and keeping livestock are just the start. Take it even farther with homemade butter and cheese, artisan soaps and honey harvested from local hives.

Why turn to homesteading as a hobby during your single years? It’s a great way to practice good stewardship of the earth. Many people find it soothing to work the land and rewarding to provide their own basic needs. Plus, homesteading can free you from a dependency on monetary gain and material goods.


Metalsmithing is another ancient skill that is gaining new life with artisans and hobbyists who create everything from jewelry to weapons. Metalsmiths enjoy the satisfaction of making something unique from basic elements and, of course, fire. A similar hobby is glass blowing, which requires a fiery forge just like metal smithing. Artisan glass makers create day-to-day items and intricate sculptures from super-heated glass.

What does metalsmithing offer you as a single Catholic? God gave us the ability to create, just like he does. Metalsmithing and glass blowing allow you to appreciate God’s creation by forming something from the earth.


When asked to picture a ballet, most people imagine a grim faced audience politely applauding a stiff and performance. Barre is changing the dance game with fun and challenging workouts that tone the whole body. Grab a group of friends and make it a weekly get-together.

Why should you consider barre if your relationships status is currently set to single? Engaging workout classes challenge you to move past your own limits and create a stronger self. They also make a great afternoon or evening out with friends.


Take a deep breath and imagine walking through the woods on a sunny afternoon. The chirping birds and babbling streams put you at ease. Now imagine the satisfaction of collecting a basket full of healthy and sustainable foods like mushrooms, berries, seeds and veggies.

What does foraging have to offer singles today? Being in nature is beneficial for your health. According to New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation, It lowers blood pressure, promotes healing, increases focus and improves sleep. Plus, time in nature is itself a prayer. It allows you to lift your heart to God in appreciation for his wonderful creation.


Thanks goes to the millennial generation for taking charge of their mental health and making mental wellness a priority. Meditation can take on many forms. Whether you favor the soothing relaxation of walking through the quiet forest or simply sitting silently in adoration, meditation is a surefire way to better yourself.  All you need is yourself, a quiet space, and a few moments of time during the day.

Why should you look into the benefits of meditation as a single person? Meditation has tons of health benefits, backed by science. According to Psychology Today, meditation can help you focus, improve memory, and even help your body heal injuries and resist illness.