Take Your Virtual Dates to the Next Level

online dating

Love and online dating in the times of COVID-19 and social distancing is interesting to say the least. With people home a lot more right now, this has proven some tricky situations when it comes to going on a virtual date.

One of my closest girlfriends has been navigating this in her own life. As things closed up in her states, she (like all of us!) was unable to continue to meet men and go on dates. Being the healthy and self-aware dater she is, I wondered how she would use this setback as a growth opportunity.

I was not at all surprised how “Mave the Brave” (a nickname I have for her!) handled herself as a woman and still was able to experience thoughtful and intentional virtual dates with men.

So how did she do it? What are the tips, tricks, and/or secrets to take virtual dating to the next level? Here are some things I learned from watching my friend do this in a fresh, new way.

Take the time to get dressed up 

dressing up

Whether you are meeting in person or virtually, it is still important to take time to dress nice. Men, pull out that great sports jacket or your favorite tie. Ladies, splurge for that red bold lip or a fabulous pair of statement earrings.

I know in my life, I often feel my best when I am looking my best. Don’t think that because you’re meeting virtually that you should take any less interest in looking great or making a striking impression.

After all, you’re still showing up and so is the other person. So take pride in yourself and let your inner confidence shine on through, even if it is through a laptop screen. These little, intentional touches will help you show up as yourself and have fun together.

Take the time to look great!

Virtually travel somewhere together 

traveling online together

Over the last few months with most of the globe on some type of quarantine, people have spent little to no time outside of their homes. Thankfully, there are many free opportunities to travel and experience beauty without ever leaving your house. This is one of the best ways to take your virtual dates to the next level.

Cost efficiency with a dose of adventure! What’s not to love?

Why not take a walking tour around the streets of Rome and finish with a tour of the Vatican museums? If Rome feels too far, take a stroll through New York City. Or, perhaps the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon is more up your alley. 

You would be amazed how many cool things you could travel and see for a virtual date.

Cook a meal together 


One of the best parts of going on a date is spending time getting to know a new person while enjoying an experience together. Though you may be meeting over the internet, there are still fun ways to connect as you would while on an in-person date.

Cooking a new meal together is a great way to do this! Maybe you have been wanting to try a recipe from the Julia Child cookbook that has been gathering dust in your kitchen. Perhaps there is a new cocktail or dessert you have been wanting to try. Now is the time to bust out the martini glasses and fancy plates for a virtual meal together.

Plan the menu together from start to finish. Start with drinks and end with dessert. You might learn some new skills while enjoying being together from a distance.

Take turns planning adventures


Maybe you are unsure when you this the other person will be able to meet in person for a real-life date. That would be frustrating to say the least!

Until you are able to connect in real time, consider taking turns planning adventures as you virtually meet. Each person can take turns planning a virtual date. Maybe you could come up with a fun theme or create little touches to make the date fun and meaningful even if you cannot get together in person.

This will also be a helpful way for you to see how the other person is creative in putting together a (hopefully!) special experience for you. You will get to see the other person in action and see how they work in creating a meaningful relationship.

We all know that virtual dates will not become the new normal, and in time, life will resume with a bit more normalcy. However, if virtual dating is currently your only option do not let that discourage you for one moment!

Use your God-given creativity and ask the Holy Spirit to help you plan something special and fun!