Ready to Hit Publish on Your Online Dating Profile? Read this Checklist First

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Hitting “publish” on your online dating profile is a big step. It shows that you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of online dating.

But before you share yourself with potential matches, check out our online dating checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

1. Your online dating profile is authentic

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When you meet someone after connecting with them via an online dating site, you want the person they meet on the first date to be the person they read about on your online dating profile.

To make sure this is the case, review your online dating profile. Check to see if the language you’re using on your profile matches the language you use in conversation. Do the opinions you shared accurately reflect what you think, or did you phrase things a certain way to make a good but slightly false impression?

More than likely, you want to meet someone who loves you for you, and that means all of you. So before you put yourself out there in the Catholic dating world, make sure you’re introducing them to who you really are.

2. You’ve had someone read your profile over for you

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There’s no one who is more biased about your online dating profile than you are. So before you hit publish, send your profile over to a friend who you trust. Ask them if your online dating profile represents you, and let them know that you’re open to suggestions.

3. The pictures you’ve chosen represent who you are 


We know, it’s tempting to pull out the picture from a couple of years ago. But that’s not who you are today. More than likely, you’re a different man or woman than you were when that picture was taken. That’s a good thing! We hope you’ve grown into more of the man or woman God has created you to be.

If all you have is older pictures of yourself, grab a friend and a camera and get some updated shots. It might be vulnerable to have totally up to date pictures on your online dating profile, but your authenticity and honesty will attract more people than an out of date photo ever will.

4. You ran a grammar check


Believe it or not, that misspelled word or wrong verb tense could cost you a date. Recent studies have shown that spelling errors could lead the person viewing your profile to think that you don’t care too much about your profile.

Before you hit publish, check over your punctuation one last time, too. While it’s good to be excited about looking for love on an online dating site (like Catholic Singles!), twelve exclamation points at the end of each sentence might not help you make a great first impression.

If grammar and spelling aren’t your strength, you can always take advantage of free online checking tools like grammarly.

5. Your profile is unique


It’s good to do some browsing and check out what online dating profiles attract you. But don’t make the mistake of copy-pasting someone’s entire profile over to yours just to change a few key details.

When you’re browsing through other people’s online dating profiles, take note of exactly why you’re drawn to their profile. Is it their open and honest introduction? Their bright smile? Take those elements and find inspiration for your own profile.

6. You made sure to delete your shopping list 


More than likely, you didn’t include your weekly grocery shopping list in the “About me” section of your online dating profile. But did you include your shopping list for your potential mate?

If your online dating profile spends more time talking about the kind of man or woman you’re hoping to meet than it does about you, it’s time to take your profile back to the drawing board. You’d hate to miss out on an opportunity to get to know someone better because they don’t check all of the boxes in the list you shared with everyone on the dating site.

Remember, the point of having an online dating profile is so that other people can get to know you. It’s not meant to list the characteristics and qualities of your ideal match. Instead, emphasize what makes you unique! Make it easy for other online dating users to reach out to you.

7. Your profile isn’t full of pessimism


Are you giving online dating another try after a bad experience or awful first date? That’s a big step that takes a lot of courage! But your online dating profile is not the place to share about those bad experiences.

So if your online dating profile mentions thins like “online dating is my last hope,” or “this is my last resort,” or “I’ve been burned before,” take a few minutes to do some editing. Another thing to keep an eye out for (and remove) are comments or complaints about bad past relationships.

Instead of sharing your bad past experiences with online dating, write about what makes you enjoyable to spend time around. Maybe you’re a great listener, or you love to golf. Focus on the good, have hope, and invite others to get to know you!

8. Your online dating profile is complete


Don’t hit publish if there are blank spots in your online dating profile! Make sure you’ve filled out every section and added photos to your profile.

You want to let other online dating users know that you’re committed to online dating and ready to meet someone!

Does your online dating profile pass the checklist?