Hey Singles, This Valentine’s Gift Guide is for You

happy single on valentines day

If you’ve been in the online dating game awhile, there’s a good chance that Valentine’s Day leaves you with a pit in your stomach.

Some people find a way to spin the holiday as “a new opportunity to meet your lifelong love”, but let’s be real. That takes a monumental mental effort. Besides, it’s important to recognize your true feelings as the day draws near.

We get it. It’s painful to weather a holiday that is focused exclusively on couples, especially when you’re feeling the pang of loneliness.

What if we told you that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers?

Done right, this holiday is a great opportunity to spread love and happiness, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo.

It’s no secret that we live in a broken world. At any given moment, there are millions of people searching for love and acceptance. You can be the one to give it to them, and there’s no better time than on Saint Valentine’s feast day.

While he is best known for marrying couples in secret, there’s more to Valentine than young love. According to legend, Valentine once proved his faith by healing a jail keeper’s blind daughter. On the day of his execution, he left her a note signed “Your Valentine.” Even more significantly, he is known for making friends with his captors and encouraging them to consider the Christian faith.

This Valentine’s Day, consider how you can reach out to someone near you who needs a little pick-me-up. Give them a small reminder that God cares deeply for them (and so do you). Whether you’re single, crushing, dating, or beyond, be a fount of love this Valentine’s Day.

Be thoughtful

valentines day munchies

Everyone loves to be heard. In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, start listening. Pick up on favorites and preferences and use them to guide your gift giving.

Maybe you have a love interest at work who keeps a drawer of snacks. A low-key gift of munchies is a great way to say, “I’m thinking about you.” Other options include a scarf or gloves in their favorite color, or something personalized with their initials.

Perhaps you don’t have anyone particular in mind this Valentine’s Day. That’s no problem! Sharing love with a stranger is a great way to lift your spirits. Consider leaving a Valentine package for your mail carrier, sanitation workers, or custodian. Our public service workers toil in the background to make life easy for all of us. They deserve a caring gesture of thanks.

Make memories

winter kayaking

Sometimes the best gifts are not things, but experiences. Make memories this Valentine’s Day! Take a friend to that show you’ve been wanting to see, or meet up to try out a new hobby.

If you’re feeling confident, take the leap and ask your love interest out on a first date to somewhere unique. We’ve said before and we’ll say it again: forget dinner and a movie. Do something that will inspire conversation, whether a relationship forms or not.

Here’s some ideas to give you a little Valentine’s inspiration:

  • Go winter kayaking
  • Take a cooking class
  • Geek out at a convention
  • Walk dogs at the animal shelter
  • Collect cold weather gear and distribute it to the homeless

Take a trip down memory lane

memory lane

Speaking of memories, there’s nothing that ignites those warm, fuzzy feelings like a trip down memory lane. A nostalgic gift can be a great ice-breaker. It kindles memories of happy times. Consider making an old fashioned mix-tape and gifting it with a eighties era boombox.

Other ideas include vintage toys and candy. Looking for an experience gift? Hit up the local drive-in or arcade. These are great options for a first date.

Give a gift that keep on giving

valentines day gift

Let’s say you’ve been on a few dates and you’re both ready to make it official. Why not seal the deal with a Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving?

Try a membership to a local museum or season tickets to your partner’s favorite team. Subscription boxes are another good bet, as they serve as a monthly reminder of your love. Choose from coffee, snacks, cosmetics, flowers, and more.

Even something small like a card game or picnic basket can be the source of many happy memories to come.

Still not sure what to give? Here’s a cheat sheet. Locate your relationship on our dating timeline and choose a gift that suits your partner best.

You’re going out on a first date

valentines day candies

Choose something small that shows you’re thinking of them, but doesn’t require any reciprocation.

  • Favorite Candy
  • Hot drink
  • $5-10 Gift Card
  • Something small they’ve been wanting

You’ve been on a few dates

valentines day winter date

  • A winter adventure together
  • Cozy scarf, hat, or gloves
  • Warm blanket
  • Mix-tape (or CD)

You’re officially dating

valentines day picnic date

  • Subscription box
  • Museum Membership or season passes
  • Cooking lessons
  • Picnic basket
  • Board game

You’re engaged

luxurious valentines day gifts

Instead of falling back on traditionally romantic gifts, try upgrading everyday items like socks, pajamas, etc.

Adding a little luxury to someone’s life is a great way to share love!

You want to treat yourself

self pampering on valentines day

Don’t forget to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. You can’t pour from an empty cup, after all. Try pampering yourself with a new haircut or even a massage. If the spa isn’t your style, splurge on an activity you really enjoy instead.

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