5 Unsuspecting Places to Meet Mr. (Or Mrs!) Right This Summer

Summer is quite possibly the best time to meet someone new. People are out and about, the sunshine is plentiful, and single Catholic men and women emerge from their winter hibernation. The summer months lend the perfect backdrop to a romance that lasts long after daylight savings time rolls around. 

Maybe you’ve gone on your vacation already and you’ve crossed off everything on your to-do lists. You’ve already visited family and friends, and taken the yearly beach trip. But have you tried anything new? Summer is the time for adventure and new adventures can lead to new relationships.

Though school busses are lining up to make their routes once again, summer isn’t over, especially for single adults. If you’re not school supply shopping or arranging after school child care, chances are you have time to fit in a few more adventures before fall hits. 

How about thinking outside of the box and trying something new before summer winds down? There are some neat activities out there that may just be the place you meet your future someone.

1.Purchase a national park pass

Visiting national parks is all the rage right now. After a year of lockdowns, people are ready to get out and about! It’s not just families with young children hitting these parks either. Single Catholic men and women are often attracted to the outdoors because they can explore and soak up all that nature has to offer.

Some activities that you can do at national parks include:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Photography
  • Education

Many national parks offer group classes or tours. Plan a trip with a friend or go solo. Not sure which one to visit? Follow a #nationalparks hashtag on Instagram. People love sharing their pictures and experiences. 

2. Take a surfing lesson

Surfing is one of those summer sports that a lot of people don’t even think about trying. It always amazes me that people will spend a ton of money to go snow skiing in the winter, but don’t enjoy the same kind of exhilaration on the water in the summer. Plus, you don’t need near as much equipment!

Surfing is a fun sport and can be pretty simple. Lessons abound at any beach that has waves. You don’t have to be living near Hawaii to find a surf lesson, either.

Just last month, my family and I signed up for surf lessons in Florida. When we arrived at the beach, it wasn’t just the people in the water making friends. Bystanders watched and enjoyed meeting people who were catching waves for the first time. We ended up coming back for a second day of lessons, largely because of all the people and new friends we made.

There are a lot of single people who surf! If you want an easy spot to meet someone, sign up for a couple of surf lessons before the fall air creeps in. 

3. Plan a day at a water or amusement park

Not just for kids, parks are great places to meet new people. What are you going to do while standing in lines waiting on rides? Talk to people. When you’re in the wave pool and bumping into floats with other people? New friends await.

Taking a couple of friends to a park is a great way to meet other single men and women out there. There are so many rides, activities and places within the park to meet and mingle with others. People are usually in a great mood and you can feel excitement in the air. Singles who are adventurous enough to tackle roller coasters are certainly brave enough to introduce themselves pre-ride!

If you really like roller coasters or water slides, consider an annual pass. After all, they are more cost effective than a single day visit. Plus, it gives you even more opportunities to end up with a new friendship. If not from someone you meet at the park, maybe a person that is invited along with a friend!

4. Take a photography or art class

Single adults often have a little extra time to embrace their creativity. Take a break from work or cross an item off your bucket list. Creatives come out of the woodwork every summer looking to share their talents with others. Art and photography are especially rampant in the warmer months.

You can find venues online, but a great idea would be to visit local festivals. Many boast booths that sell art and promote their businesses. A festival is a great place to browse different styles and artists to see if there is something you may be interested in learning yourself.

Check out your local community center as well. Many offer classes or lessons in the summer for people looking for a seasonal hobby. Not often highly attended by children or big families, you’ll find these kinds of classes are a great place to meet other singles.

5. Start a book club or Bible study

When COVID-19 hit, gatherings dwindled. People went online for social relief and we closed our doors to the outside. Now that things are beginning to normalize again, let’s bring back intimate get togethers.

Jesus loved bringing people together in small groups to share the word of God. He also enjoyed just talking to and listening to the people who became his followers. I think he is a perfect example of how important it is for us to spend time in community.

Take initiative and start a gathering of some sort in your home. Maybe it’s once a week or once a month. Get something going even if it starts with just two people. It will grow if you give it time!

Invite a friend and have them invite a friend of theirs. Keep it simple or go all out, whichever suits your personality best. Sometimes it’s the little things that lead us to the greatest adventures and yours may be waiting to walk through your front door. Invite them in!

Need a little help getting started? Click here for a step by step on getting things going.

The time is now

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is never guaranteed. We don’t know what God’s plans for us are, but we do know he wants us to be happy. Sometimes finding joy with another person means finding joy for ourselves first. Take the time to do something unique and fun this summer. You’ll never know what, or who is out there, if you don’t go.

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