How to Triple Your Response Rate to Your Messages

There might be nothing more frustrating on a dating site than sending out a bunch of messages only to be met with a response that looks like this:

You joined Catholic Singles to talk to people…not to talk to an empty void.

So how can you increase your response rate? Here’s a few tips that can triple your average response rate.

There Are 3 Types of Messages That You Can Send

On Catholic Singles, there are three basic types of messages that you can send to another user:

  • Icebreakers
  • Suggested messages
  • Custom Messages

Here’s how each of these break down.


Icebreakers are quick and easy little graphical messages that you can send to any member. A lot of members like them because they don’t require much thought and you can send a lot of them very quickly.

To send an icebreaker, click on the smiley icon over a user’s photo:


From there, choose the icebreaker you’d like to send.


That’s it! Quick and easy.

Unfortunately, icebreakers also have the lowest response rate out of all of our message types.

Suggested Messages

Throughout Catholic Singles, you’ll find different activities and activity cards. A lot of these cards have suggested messages attached to them:

welcome card

poll card

When you see one of these cards, you can easily send the user a message by clicking on one of the pre-written messages.

Custom Messages

Finally, we have custom messages. To send someone a custom message, just click on their profile, then click on “Message”


Only paid users (like you) can send custom messages or reply to messages.

Which Type of Message Do You Think Get’s The Best Response?

If you were to guess which type of message get’s the highest response rate, which type would you guess?

Take a moment and think about it…




If you guessed “Suggested Messages”, you are right!

Why Suggested Messages Get Up to 3x The Response Rate

When compared to Icebreakers, suggested messages get up to 3x the response rate. Why is this?

It’s because suggested messages target users who are currently active on Catholic Singles.

Think about it: if someone just submitted a prayer request, you know they are active on the site.

That’s not to say other members are not active. However, some members visit the site only occasionally. These members often log on after a while to find that they missed several messages.

The 3 Tips to Getting a Better Response Rate

Does this mean that you should only send suggested messages?

Of course not.

There are a lot of active users who do not want to participate in the activities on Catholic Singles, and that’s OK.

So what should you do? Here are 3 simple tips:

  • Look for active users. Obviously, activities are a great way to find active users. Send them any message you like. You’ll get a better response rate from active users.
  • Work on your conversation starters. Don’t lead out with “want to grab a cup of coffee”? Check out our blog post on faith-based ice breakers or our conversation starters to get some ideas.
  • It’s a numbers game. Try as you might, you won’t get a 100% response rate on any dating site. Understand that this is, to some extent, a numbers game. The more messages you send, the more likely you’ll be to get a response. Be patient and don’t get discouraged!

Most of all, have fun! Catholic Singles is a place to meet other like minded people…be sure to enjoy the process of meeting people!