Top 10 Ideas for that “Big First Date” – No. 5

Since the month of February is all about love, let me tell you about my first love…PIZZA. I love pizza…everything about it. I could probably live the rest of my life eating pizza every day. I don’t need a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day…just a great pizza joint.
So here is a fun idea for your first TWO dates (I always believe in second chances)…a Pizza Walk followed by a Pizza Making Class. That’s Amore!

The challenge…you each do a little research on the top three to five pizza places in your area. Then you make a day or night of it. You head to your first and order slices or a small pie (save the glass of wine until the last stop) and rate your experience. Maybe you each pick your favorite pizza place and then pick one that neither of you have ever been to. It might also be a cool idea to try three restaurants that specialize in different types of pizza such as Neopolitan, New York Style, Chicago Style, Sicilian, Artisan, Vegan or make it a theme night and only order BBQ Chicken Pizza.

If you are both Pizza Lover’s then I think the next logical date would be a Pizza Making Class…they are being offered everywhere nowadays. Just do your research and I’m sure you will find one.

There is no way to list all the great pizza places around the country. There are far too many and it’s probably one of the most reviewed food items in history. However, below are a few suggestions from on-line reviews in New York and Los Angeles. If you see an asterisk, well then…that’s one of my faves!

Sal’s of Little Italy*
New York, NY

I worked in Little Italy for a time and I used to love to go to Sal’s for a slice or some baked ziti. Small place and not really fancy, but it felt like you were at a friend’s house. I really liked their sauce.

Keste Pizzeria
New York, NY

Some mixed Yelp! Reviews, but the majority said they were blown away. I will have to try this place on my next trip. Many said this was a great place for Vegetarians and people who need Gluten Free options.

Joe’s Pizza
New York, New York

Just one look at the picture of the slice someone posted made me salivate. Looks like the traditional New York Pizza I grew up with.

Plattsburgh, NY

I had to write about Monopole’s because to this day it is the most distinct tasting pizza I’ve ever had. I have never had any pizza anywhere else that tasted liked it or was even remotely close. It’s something in the sauce…Sicilian squares that are mouth watering. Full disclaimer…I had this during my years at SUNY Plattsburgh and I’m not sure how developed my taste buds were. Still…I crave it to this day.

Pizza a Casa Pizza School
New York, NY

Now this is what I’m talking about! The two of you can book a class or get a group together for a private event. This is my kind of date!

Los Angeles, CA

I actually cried the first time I had a slice of Vito’s pizza. I’m not kidding. It just felt and tasted like home. I became a groupie…obsessed. Followed him from his days on Vermont near City College to his current location on La Cienega Blvd. I suggested several times that he open a place in Studio City where I was living at the time, but alas, I had to make the trek over Laurel Canyon on a semi-regular
basis to grab the best slice in town.

Universal City and Hollywood, CA

Miceli’s is family owned and one of the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles. Although they don’t sell slices, they have an amazing selection of reasonably priced pizzas. I never had a Hawaiian style pizza until Miceli’s and they made me a believer. The best part of Miceli’s is that they have live entertainment every night. The waiters are all professional singers who have been on Broadway, the Los Angeles Opera and in Film and Television. Many times they are between gigs and pick up some shifts so trust me when I say you should pay attention. At this posting there are some singers who are working there who just got back from being in the original casts of some major Broadway shows. It’s one big family!

Tomato Pie*
Los Angeles, Ca

The owner says that he created a water filtration system that mimics the pH balance of New York water…a little over my head, but another place that I really enjoyed when living in L.A. The Silver Lake location is more of a sit down location …Melrose is grab a slice and go.

Pizzeria Mozza
Los Angeles, CA

Alas, I never got to go there. When they opened you had to book months in advance. I’m not sure if it’s that way now, but I still know people who rave about this place. One of these days I’ll get there. They have locations in Orange County too.

Cook LA Cooking School
Los Angeles, CA

I actually couldn’t find an on-going Pizza Cooking Class in L.A. (might be a cool venture for someone you know to start up). However, there was a really nice Yelp! review of a Pizza Making class someone took at Cook LA. Check schedule for their next Pizza Class.

Help your fellow PIZZA LOVERS! Please share YOUR favorites in the comments section. Write the city in CAPS first and then tell us why you like it.