The World’s Best Matchmaker

I was in my late twenties, single, had a fabulous career and was always getting invitations to parties. On one particular Saturday night, I was invited to a book signing by a new fiction author, which I was eagerly looking forward to.I arrived to the elegant private penthouse in New York to find a small gathering of about twenty people. A tall, very attractive blonde woman, full of life and personality immediately picked me out in the crowd, came over and introduced herself with a hearty handshake. At first I thought she was our host for the evening. Upon this suggestion she laughed and admitted, “No, I’m not the host, I’m actually a matchmaker.”

I’d never met a real matchmaker and was intrigued. For the next hour, she told me fantastic stories of having successfully matched hundreds of couples throughout the city. “You see, I meet fabulous people like you, and introduce you to other fabulous people,” she shared.

This woman had somehow magically gained my trust and I was actually listening to her every word. Full of hope I asked, “Are all these couples still happily married?” Her response broke the magical spell, “Oh dear, no. These couples are all in relationships. I think only two of the couples actually got married and I don’t know what happened to them.” Her somewhat sarcastic response and reaction clearly indicated she was not matching people up for marriage. I politely thanked her but confidentially declared I was only interested in meeting someone in hope of a lifelong marriage. It got me to thinking. Was there a matchmaker that could introduce me to my future husband?

It took me five years, and I made a lot of mistakes in the process, to learn the answer to that question. There is only one matchmaker in the world that can introduce you to your future spouse. He is the one who made you, made your spouse, and planned for you two to share a life together. If you put your trust in anyone else, you may find yourself in a good relationship, but you’ll never know with certainty if this is your intended soul mate for life.

Today’s Gift for Your Soul – Ask God to be your own personal matchmaker. Remember His promise to you in Psalm 37:4 (NIV) “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” He did not put you here to be alone but to find your partner and share your life in a loving marriage. One more thought, enjoy the journey. He can’t bring your spouse into your life if you’re waiting with an anxious heart. Be certain Love will come your way.