Mary Jane & Greg

Dear,In October of 2003, my daughters convinced me to try the internet as a source of meeting new men. Marriage was definitely not on my mind. As a widow for nearly 9 years I had become rather set in my ways and I was not looking for much of a change. But I did want to find someone I could meet for dinner or a play or any one of New York’s cultural events.After a long lecture on internet safety and how to act on a blind date, my daughters told me to think of something that was important to me and then find a singles group that matched. As a teacher in a New York Archdiocesan High School, religion was definitely a priority and a quick look on the internet led me to met several wonderful men on, but nothing clicked until I found Quietwalks. We lived about 20 miles from one another, but my job was only about 3 miles from his home. I made the connection and after several e-mails, we had our first date the day before Thanksgiving. We clicked from day one and from there the relationship seemed almost guided by another force.We have four grown children, three of whom went to the same high school. And yet it took to bring us together. We were married by his brother, a priest in Alaska, in December 2004. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and we look forward to many years together. Thank you for bringing us together! Mary Jane