12 Things You Can Send The Person You’re Missing Right Now

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If you are missing people in a big way right now, you’re not alone. With the entire world on lock down, this season is beginning to feel more like a scene from the old Aston Kutcher Punk’d show than real life.

If you’re a Catholic dating someone that you can’t “really” date right now, that makes things even harder. 

Sure Zoom calls and FaceTime were great the first couple of weeks, but who isn’t growing weary of relying on conference calls for communication?

If you’re missing someone acutely right now, why not think outside of the box, or actually, inside it, and send them something in a more traditional way.

Taking the time to mail a letter or package these days shows that you’re willing to go the extra step for someone you care about. It also gives you an excuse to escape the house for a little while so it’s a win win!

If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of joy to the special someone you’re missing right now, check out these twelve  ideas for inspiration 

1. Send them a book

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We took the feel of having a good, solid book in our hands for granted pre-pandemic! With libraries shut down for who knows how long, it can seem impossible to find a good book to read.

Kindle is great, but with everything else being online already, wouldn’t it be great to curl up with a great story that has actual pages to flip? There is something genuinely satisfying about lifting a story off of a page that isn’t illuminated with a back light.

You can send the person you’re missing a book from your stash or order one online.

2. Mail them kiss

kiss mail

If you’re a woman, this may be a bit easier because of the luxury of lipstick, but male or female, this is a sweet and fun gift to send.

Take an index card and label it “A kiss for you”, and then simply kiss it. Enclose it in an envelope, address, stamp and send. A small act with a big meaning, this is the perfect little something extra to send your special someone.

3. Gift them a cooking class


Either via a kit through the mail or through an online subscription, you can wow your special someone with a cooking class. Since we have so much time at home, this is the perfect time to experiment and grow in the kitchen.

This type of gift is especially meaningful during this time because it shows how much thought you are trying to put into the person you care about.

4. Mail a coupon book their way

coupon book

Catholic dating looks a little different right now, sure, but it doesn’t have to come to a complete halt. 

Send a little homemade coupon book of things you can do for the other person during this time. Some ideas include things like:

  • Pray a rosary for you
  • Coupon good for one dinner over Zoom
  • A shoulder massage once quarantine is over
  • A chapter of a book read over the phone before bed
  • Coupon for dinner out once pandemic is over

A good coupon book will have coupons that can be redeemed now and later.

5. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a Mass

texting someone

Though churches are closed, priests are still saying Mass. You can still have Masses said for people, and who doesn’t want the extra graces right now?

Sending a Mass to the person you miss right now says, “Hey, I care about you, body AND soul.” If that isn’t a thoughtful gift for those Catholic dating, I don’t know what is!

6. You can’t go wrong with chocolate


Cogsworth knew what he was talking about when he advised Beast to send Beauty chocolates! Girl or guy, no one can dispute the benefits of good old fashioned chocolate.

Does your person like milk or white chocolate? Both? I’m a dark chocolate kind of person myself. Find out which they prefer and then send some their way. A block of comfort during this crazy time.

7. Send the a Scripture passage

bible passage

The Bible holds a wealth of soothing passages that can calm nerves and strengthen those struggling right now. Turning to Scripture can be a mood lifter and soul saver in times like these.

Use index cards and write different scripture verses on them and send for your friend to hand on their mirrors or place in their Bible/books.

“Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations.” Deuteronomy 7:9

8. Go sweet and simple with a card

love cards

Sometimes simple is best and a card can say a lot with just a little. Have a hard time coming up with words? Hallmark is there for you!

9. Send them seeds for a garden

seed planting

Available at almost any store (I saw them at Dollar Tree!), you can buy seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

If ever there was a time to venture into gardening, this is it. Getting outside for a dose of vitamin d and nature is a great way to combat feeling secluded and lonely.

Even if the person you send them to doesn’t have a yard, they can still plant seeds in a pot or two and put them on their balcony.

10. Share a dream for the future with a gift card


A promise of a future date in the form of a gift card is creative and clever.

Send a gift card and let your person get excited about the thought of that future date with you. When the present moment is hard, it helps to look forward to the positives of the future!

11. Mail them a rosary


It doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple rosary sent with love can really help people feel connected to each other. 

Every time he or she prays the rosary, they will remember you. Catholic dating can really be fun when you take these little daily devotions and turn them into something special.

12. Send them a picture 

love letter

If you have a picture of you two together, frame it and send it with a note of how even though you’re apart, you’re still together.

This simple gift will mean a lot and let your significant other know that you’re missing them in a big way right now.

Caring is sharing

sharing love

Taking the time to send something special to the person you care about is a great way to stay connected during this strange time. Instead of letting isolation get you down, be creative and fill your time with thinking of and helping lift others up.

Catholic dating is a lot of fun in person, but you can have a good time with creative ways of dating through a pandemic as well. 

Try some of the ideas above and send some joy to the one you care about today.