The Ultimate List of Winter Social Distance Dates

While online dating is at an all time high amid the pandemic, it can feel frustrating to meet and connect with people when what we can do together is so limited these days.

Most of us are tired of things being closed. The term “social distancing” is getting old. We wear our masks out in public like it is a permanent reality. But no matter what your 2020 dating life has looked or felt like, you can still plan some fun, unique date experiences, even if the traditional date options look different.

Be open to dating looking a little bit different right now. Here are some fun ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Cook and dine together

Dinner dates are a classic, and you can still have a great dinner date, even with a world pandemic going on. Plan a dinner date together. Get dressed up in your best as if you were going out to the fanciest place in town for a romantic dinner. Both of you can cook the same meal together, and set an enjoyable table setting. Light candles and share the meal together over Facetime or Zoom.

Go on a walk in the park with some hot chocolate

With many bars and restaurants closed for in-person dining, it is more challenges to get together for an in-person date. If you are able and up to having an in-person date, outside walks and warm drinks could be a great option!

Does your town or a local one nearby have a fun, walk-able downtown area? Or is there a beautiful park you could check out? Meet to grab some hot cocoa and then let your feet take you off on your walking tour date.

I’ve been on a few dates like this myself this year over the pandemic. Don’t be so quick to presume you can’t find a fun outdoors date to share with someone!

Host a virtual happy hour

Happy hours and cocktails hours tend to be easy, fun dates. They can be the perfect opportunity for a short date while still getting to know someone. Don’t let COVID put a damper on some happy hour fun! Decide with your date ahead of time to make a cocktail together and then share the experience of making and drinking it together over FaceTime. Maybe you could even conduct some research before your virtual cocktail hour together on some new ideas for cocktails.

Grow together with good conversations 

Make some memories, enjoy virtual time together, and learn about what intellectual interests the person you’re on a date with has. This could start with sharing links to articles that you enjoyed this week and discussing them together over a video call.  Not a reader? You could watch YouTube videos and have a conversation about them.

Maybe try an online puzzle or pull out the old trivia book on your bookshelf and quiz each other on different facts.
You can still connect and enjoy each other while socially distanced or on a virtual date.

Host a miniature book club

Is your reading list as long and never ending as mine is? Why not pick a book and read it together, or at least two or three chapters.

If you’re a guy, pick a book that you don’t understand why girls like so much. You could have a great conversation with the woman you’re getting to know. Ladies, the same goes for you, too!

Plan a game night

This social distance date will only work if you both own the same board game. However, even if you both own the same game and video chat to play the game together, it could still be challenging.

Interestingly enough, lots of board games also have an online presence, either through smart-phone apps, browser-ready versions, or a standalone version you can download from an online store.

Make some popcorn, grab a drink, and play some of your favorite board games together over Zoom. Maybe you each pick one and play both for a bit of time.

Remember, it’s still a date!

Whether you’re having a virtual or socially distanced date, remember one important thing, it is still a date! Just because the circumstances are unique due to the pandemic does not mean we act any less differently than we would on another date.

Act like it’s a date. Dress well, avoid multitasking, and have a cut off time (in case the date turns out to be a bit of a dud).

What has dating looked like for you during the pandemic?

What other unique dates ideas do you have for either virtual or socially distanced dates?

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