Here’s Why You Should Take the Catholic Singles App Home for the Holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays! Just thinking about the smell of pumpkin pie wafting through the air and endless snacks and goodies laid out for all to consume makes us smile. Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat. Catching up with your loved ones over early morning coffee and late night tea.

Going home can provide respite from the never ending battles of the outside world, and renew our sense of purpose and priorities.

But as fun as it is to reconnect with friends and be surrounded by family, going home can present challenges. Arguing politics over dinner and quarreling over TV time are just a few of the rougher patches that come to mind.

Throw in online dating to the mix and you’ve got more than just a recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing. But just because online dating when you’re back home may not be easy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. After all, it’s online dating’s busiest time of year!

Keep in touch even while you’re out of town

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In the days before the internet, saying goodbye for a week or so literally meant goodbye. These days, no one really ever says goodbye, do they? With state of the art dating apps that allow you to take your prospects with you everywhere, there’s no reason to leave them behind.

Catholic Singles makes communicating with other online dating users so simple you can stay in touch anywhere, and without bothering anyone within earshot. 

This year when traveling, you get the best of both worlds. You get to bring your date home for Thanksgiving without the extra airfare and awkward introductions. Thank you, online dating!

Download the Catholic Singles app today!

Take advantage of downtime

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Sure, you’re going to be busy once you get home. You’ll have breakfasts with old friends and lunches with Aunt Sue. But while everyone is napping after a big afternoon meal, you’ll have time to check in on a dating app. 

Check for alerts, return messages, and catch up on the dating scene. A few minutes can reap big benefits when you’re checking in.

User friendly dating apps like Catholic Singles make it quick and easy to send a couple of messages and check in on those you’re connected to.

Because you’re spending money to travel, the fact that messaging through the Catholic Singles app is free is icing on the fruit cake.

You don’t have to totally sign off

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Sometimes when we go out of town, it’s easy to break out of our routine. How many times have I packed my running shoes only to return home with exactly zero miles under my belt? Too many.

Walking through home’s front door can have that “leave it all behind” effect, can’t it? Work, school, hardships, and general responsibilities just vanish the minute we plop own on the couch we grew up sitting on.

But unlike missing a few miles, falling behind on your online dating app can hurt potential relationships. If you’ve had a good conversation going with someone, but suddenly stop, what does that tell them? It can say, whether you mean it or not, that you don’t care.

You don’t have to spend hours behind the screen. This isn’t your senior thesis we’re talking about here. But be cognizant of putting some time in when you can.

This is a great time to meet someone new

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With the lights and music and excitement of the holidays upon us, people’s spirits are lifted. Many men and women report heightened feelings of joy and contentment this time of year.

People are excited to send out the year and even more excited to ring in a new one full of possibilities. Online dating memberships spike around the holidays because people want to share this joy and time with others!

Online dating during the holidays may open doors to people you would never have met otherwise. Saying yes to staying connected through the holidays could very well be saying yes to something (or someone!) that will be a part of your future.

Carve out time to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and your phone and get scrolling. Be intentional about why you are spending this time online dating. Wrap your intentions in prayer and let God be your guide.

Download the Catholic Singles App to hold yourself accountable

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If you want a community, you’ve got it at Catholic Singles. There’s a world of like minded, Christ centered people at your fingertips thanks to our downloadable dating app!

Our new and improved online dating app is launched and better than ever. Finding someone has never been so easy! 

Take advantage of our community polls to increase your message response rate while helping us get to know you better. By answering questions about yourself, you’ll help us match you to other people with similar interests.

This will cut down on the endless scrolling that you have to do in other online dating apps and streamline you toward Mr. or Mrs. Right. It’s a great place to be when you can get to know people based on their interests instead of relying solely on a single profile picture.

Remember why you’re here

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Online dating is a marathon, not a sprint. At least for most people it is! You may get a handful of men or women that claim love at first click, but we really believe that getting to know people takes time.

Your time is valuable and we respect that. We know that you are juggling work, family, and loads of responsibilities. Online dating can’t and shouldn’t be a full time job.

So, download our app and take us home with you for the holidays. An adventure is just one click away. We’re sure of it!