Online Dating During the Holidays: Should You Date When You’re Back Home?

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It’s definetly possible to find love anytime of the year, but the holidays are a great time to venture onto online dating apps. After all, it’s the most wonderful (and busiest!) time of the year for online dating. If you’ve been waiting to try online dating, now is is a great time to kick start your profile on some online dating apps.

But maybe your schedule is full of flight check ins, road trips, and going home for the holidays. How do you navigate dating relationships if you’re traveling for the holidays? Keep reading to find out how to handle online dating around holiday season whether you’re staying local or boarding a plane or two.

Why use online dating apps?

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Wondering if you should download some online dating apps onto your smartphone this holiday season? It’s a great time of year to try online dating apps out. Thanks to free time during the holidays and New Year’s resolutions, online dating apps see activity spike anywhere from 20 to 60% between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Just what do Christmas trees and holiday carols do to someone to make them more likely to log onto online dating apps during the winter months? “Many singles sit around the family dinner table during the holidays and think, ‘Maybe it would be better to have a partner,” explains Mark Brooks, a dating-industry analyst.

Being around family and seeing siblings, friends, and cousins matched up during the holiday helps encourage people to use online dating apps, too. If you’ve been on the fence about logging into those online dating apps, now may just be the perfect time to try them out.

Are you skipping out on traveling this holiday season?

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Not traveling home for the holidays this year and are planning on staying in your current city? Is home still right down the road since you’re in the same area as the rest of your family already? There’s still great opportunities for meeting someone new.

Staying local can also help you navigate the dating world after those first few dates. After all, you don’t have to worry about discerning long-distance dating if you already live in the same town!

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the plethora of holiday events throughout your city. Planning that first date can be a breeze thanks to your local city center’s lights and festivities. Not only can these events be a great place to take a first date, they can also be a great place to meet someone. There’s nothing like a festive event to bring people together!

Traveling during the holiday season?

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Booking your flights and checking them twice? Don’t rule out the possibility of someone new just because you’re traveling home for the holidays.

Granted, you’ll need to be aware and intentional of your family plans that you’ve already made before agreeing to meet someone for that first date. You don’t want to give up too much time with family and friends, especially if your schedule doesn’t let you make it home too often.

But if you’ve left yourself some time in the margins of the holiday schedule, take advantage of the free time to take a look at online dating apps. You very well may meet someone you never knew before, thanks to the amount of people trying out online dating this time of year. But you never know, you may find a good match with someone you already know of who’s looking for love, too!

Use an online dating app to find people with the same interest and values while you’re traveling

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The one benefit to trying out online dating if you’re headed home for the holidays means that you can expand your geographical searches. If online dating in your own city has left you burnt out, this is a great time to try to meet someone new in another city. But just because you have a new city to search and a wave of new people trying out online dating apps for the first time this holiday season, that doesn’t mean everyone is looking for the same type of relationship as you.

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about your desires for a relationship if you’re filling out profiles on more secular online dating apps. If you’re going the faith-based dating app route, conversations about values and your faith will be more commonplace on those dating apps. But just because it’s the holidays and there are lots of new opportunities out there, don’t throw away your values and interests in favor of going on that one holiday date.

The holiday season is a great time to get to know someone new 

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Hot cocoa dates are totally in the realm of possibility this time of year, and ugly Christmas sweaters are great conversation starters.

This time of year is also a time for reflection. As the year draws to a close, it offers a great chance to reflect on what you want to do differently in the year ahead. If you’re in a good, healthy place to start a relationship, this could be the perfect time to kickstart your profile on those online dating apps.

How will you navigate a long-distance relationship if something works out?

Let’s say you’re home for the holidays and you meet someone special. If you’re both free, you meet in person and have a great first date. Now what?

You may wish that the Christmas season would last forever. But you have to get back on that plane or in the car and make the trek home at some point.

Before you log onto those online dating apps, make a game plan for how you’d navigate a long-distance relationship if you happen to hit it off with someone new while you’re in town visiting family and friends. Maybe you don’t want a long distance relationship, so that makes the decision to date or not while home an easy one. But if you’re open to the possibility of a long-distance dating relationship, this could be a great time to log onto online dating apps and give it a try.

What is the best dating site to try out for free?

catholic singles

Looking for someone who shares your view of Christmas, the faith, and the values you hold dear? If you’re scrolling through pages and pages of possible online dating apps to put your profile on, make sure you choose Catholic Singles this holiday season. Yep, there’s an app for that! Download it today and join thousands of new members looking to meet other faithful Catholics.

Why should you become a member of Catholic Singles?

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Our society has lost its way when it comes to dating. Dating used to be a way to get to know a person. You found out about their hopes, dreams, desires, faith, and values. But today it is treated more like shopping.

Things are created to be used. People are created to be loved.

Unfortunately, most secular online dating apps treat people as things to be used rather than a person who deserves love.

Catholic Singles lets you meet single people in your area who share your faith. That’s important because it gives you a common ground on which you can start a relationship. It helps set basic expectations about how they view dating and relationships. Our app and website provide a comfortable starting point to meet people like yourself to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.