Lies Single Catholics Might Be Believing

I once believed the lies that, because I was still single, God didn’t love me. I thought that He didn’t think that I was important.

But after taking three months away from the dating world to spend time with God, I no longer believe this. In fact, I am blown away daily by how special I am to God as a single woman. But it’s only when I take time to listen to what He says about me and to me each day that I’m able to dispel the lies the devil sows in my heart.

What lies might you be believing as a Catholic single? Are you ready to replace those lies with God’s truth – The Truth? Here are the top lies singles are believing as well as the truth God has for us (and how to overcome them!).

1. Lies about God

Lies about God

In a season of singleness, the devil tries to make us believe that God doesn’t love us. It’s easy to think that we surely wouldn’t be single anymore if God really loved us. Perhaps if God cared about us, we wouldn’t have gone through that bitter divorce or breakup.

But the truth is that God loves you more than you can imagine. He loves you as if you were the only person in the world.

“He loves you as His number one,” Father Aniello Salicone likes to say. Father Aniello also teaches this prayer to others: “God, thank you for loving me as your number one. Help me to love you as my number one.”

You are not insignificant to God as a Catholic single. God is infinite. Because of His infinite nature, He cares about each one of us deeply.

The Lord even cares about what we think are insignificant details in our lives! He cares about every matter we are facing. He cares about our finances, relationships, careers, health, and our spiritual lives. You name it, He cares about it. “Even the hairs on our your head are numbered,” we read in Scripture.

2. Lies about yourself

Lies about yourself

When we are single, we might be tempted to believe that we don’t have any talents, or gifts. We buy into the lie that we wouldn’t be a good wife, mother, husband, or father. The devil might tempt us to believe that we can’t embrace the vocation of marriage. We begin to think that we’ve been single so long, and as we age, we begin to fear that we’ll never get married.

The truth is that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. God has made you in His image, and you are a masterpiece. Each of us has a unique set of talents and gifts. We must stop trying to be someone else, and embrace who God has made us to be. Only then can we cultivate the gifts God has blessed us with.

The truth is that you could be a great wife, mother, husband, or father. Did you ever stop to think that you could be the answer to someone’s prayer?

3. Lies regarding your past

Lies regarding your past

When we are single, the devil might tempt us to think that we’ve made too many mistakes. If we haven’t always lived the virtue of chastity, the devil tempts us to think that no one will love us. The father of lies even twists the goodness of our chastity. If you’re still a virgin, he can tempt you to believe that no one will love you. It certainly doesn’t help that today’s culture makes fun of virginity.  If you’ve experienced a divorce, you can believe the lie that you will never be able to forgive others or yourself.

Regarding a sexual past, God can always do something new. You have to work on yourself though. This involves a daily prayer habit, and time with Scripture. Spend time with the Lord, listening to the truths that He sings over your life. Choose to cultivate habits that will help you live purity and heal you of past sexual sins.

Seek out healing within the Church – ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Ask Mary to help you live purity. She is our mother, and she loves to help us when she sees us struggling. Choose to desire to become a saint. God will help us with this. In terms of forgiveness, God can always make a way. Ask Him for grace and His help to be willing to forgive.

The truth is that God wants to heal and restore you.

4.Lies regarding your future

Lies regarding your future

In a season of singleness, the devil might tempt us to believe that we need to be married in order to be happy. We can fall into the trap of thinking that everyone who is married must be perfectly happy. Perhaps we believe the lie that married people don’t have problems, and are never lonely like those of us who are in a season of singleness.

But the truth is that you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy.

If you have been dating non-stop, perhaps take some time away from dating. This can be a time where you cultivate a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, who loves you more than any man or woman ever well.

The reality is that not all marriages are happy ones. In fact, marriage can be a lonely place too. Perhaps God wants to give you the gift of a spouse. Can you be open to that? Spend time working on yourself, trying to become a saint, and being open to how God wants to transform you.

5. Lies regarding friends and the saints

Lies regarding friends and the saints

When we are single, the devil might tempt us to believe no one loves us. This lie can ring especially loud if we feel alone. It can be easy to jump to the conclusion that even the saints and angels don’t care about us.

However, the truth is you are loved more than you will ever know. You have a Redeemer, a Best Friend who wants you to let Him love you. You have a Father who loves you more than your earthly father ever could. You have a heavenly Mother who loves you. Thousands of angels and saints are waiting to help you. But you need faith to believe this.