How Online Dating Apps Can Expand Your Dating Pool

happy woman chatting via dating app

One of the biggest complaints among singles trying to find love is that the dating pool seems to shrink as you age. Working alongside the same people day in and day out and hanging out with the same friends each weekend doesn’t offer the hope it once used to of coming across someone new.

Luckily, both men and women can benefit substantially from using online dating apps to connect with a bigger base of people thus broadening opportunities to date casually or build serious and lasting relationships.

If you find yourself saying things like, “All the good ones are taken,” or “I’ll never find Mr. or Ms. Right,” it’s time to stop relying on the same old dating habits you’ve used in the past and turn to the online dating world where you will find your dating pool double, even triple overnight.

Finding a date isn’t as impossible as you think.

happy woman chatting via dating app

Over half the men and women living in America are single. Think about that for a minute. While it may sometimes seem like everyone is taken, it’s important to remember that there is an entire world of people beyond your own personal community, and many of them are looking for suitable partners and eventually marriage.

A fantastic relationship tool.

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Online dating has made finding connections between men and women easier than ever before. Instead of spending weekends of your life blind dating people that may or may not end up being compatible with you, dating apps connect you with like minded people with just a push of a button.

Unlike having to sit through an entire dinner of the most boring conversation of your life, when you meet someone online that you just don’t connect with, you can say goodbye or no thanks, and sign off without the nervously awkward drive home. It’s really quite fantastic.

Likewise if you meet someone that you are really interested in, you can talk and connect frequently without having to wait for weeks to go by to schedule a second and third date. Communicating as frequently or infrequently as you’d like is a huge benefit of beginning a relationship online.

This isn’t the nineties.

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Unlike previous decades where people shied away from creating online dating accounts, our current generation is thriving because of them. If you question this, think about it this way. How many eligible, single people in your area do you know? Now, out of that list, how many of those men or women would you be willing to date?

With that number in mind, now consider the fact that when using a dating app online, you are instantly connected to thousands of people from all around the world. Men and women that you would never come in contact with or be able to build a relationship with, are instantly available thanks to modern technology.

According to recent statistics, it is estimated that up to 39% of people dating in the US are dating online! So, if you aren’t connecting with other men and women on the web, you are missing out from a pretty significant dating pool!

Online dating apps make dating easy.

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Speed dating. You’ve seen it in movies and heard about it from a friend of a friend’s cousin. The idea of speed dating is that you move from person to person, spending about ten minutes with each one, getting to know them in a short amount of time. At the end of the night, if you felt connected to or interested in any of the men or women you talked with, you can ask for a future date.

Now, imagine having access to a bunch of different men and/or women, being able to talk about life, interests, religion, etc., but without even having to leave your house. Welcome to the world of online dating apps where your dating pool has just been expanded by about 90%!

Finding people who share the same faith, interests, desires, hopes and dreams has never been easier. Online dating sites help you meet and greet people that are looking for the same things in life that you are.

Dating apps take you outside of the box.

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We all have been there. Stuck inside the little box that we have created for ourselves. The one particular way we like to meet people. The one place we go to for first dates.

The problem with being stuck inside a metaphorical box is that outside of it is where all of the possibilities lie. It’s out in the world beyond that 90 degree square where we will find more opportunities to meet people and form relationships and online dating will take you there.

Using an online dating app will open your eyes to all kinds of new possibilities, such as:

  • Meeting men and women outside of your zip code
  • Building a community of like minded people that you wouldn’t have known otherwise
  • Dating without physical barriers and obstacles
  • Finding good matches without having to go on blind dates
  • Building relationships with people that will help you grow as a person

The advances in technology have really caused us to move forward and out of our old comfort zones in every aspect of our lives. From telecommuting to FaceTime, we are able to be connected to people from anywhere at anytime, and it’s an amazing thing.

No longer do you have to shrug and accept the idea that your options have run dry and cross your fingers for a new single to appear in town one day. Now, finding someone new and compatible is as easy as logging into your computer, creating a profile, and taking advantage of the many incredible opportunities that internet dating has brought to the world of singles.

Meet, greet, and say yes to that first date.

happy woman chatting via dating app

With more than 40% of couples claiming to have met online (and that’s just in the US!), the evidence abounds that expanding your dating pool via a solid dating app is a step in the right direction for your dating life. Regardless of age, men and women are finding love, real love, easier than ever.

Dating apps make connecting with people so incredibly easy. Once you join a good online site, create a good profile, put out the information about yourself that would attract like minded people, you’ll find that everything else will fall in place.

Most dating sites are created and run to be very user friendly and once you meet the first person you really click with, you’ll find yourself having fun and once again enjoying dating the way it should be.


happy woman chatting via dating app

Dating should be enjoyable and thanks to the ease of using online dating apps, finding a good match can actually be a lot of fun. We live in a world where endless possibilities are available right at our fingertips. Be sure to take advantage of them and enjoy connecting with the people who are just right for you.