Here are 5 Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse

There are many times in life when God will ask you to wait. You might desire to follow God’s will with all your heart, and maybe you believe that plan involves marriage. The problem is that you haven’t found the right person yet.

You may feel like you are in a holding pattern and wondering why God is asking you to wait. If you’re currently in a season of waiting then these are some of the lessons you might be learning without even realizing it.

Patience—Knowing This Won’t Be Forever

Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse || Patience—Knowing This Won't Be Forever

God asks us to be patient in the little things like waiting in line at a grocery store so He can also ask us to be patient in the bigger areas of our life. Oftentimes seasons of waiting are times that God is asking you to grow right where He has you.

This time can be rich with gaining self-knowledge and growing closer to God (if you are open). Maybe it’s not where you want to be, but that’s where patience and trust come in. Whatever circumstance God has you in right now, He can use these situations to help you become a better and holier person.

Trust that your desire to love and share a life with another person is a very good desire. God is asking you to trust that His timing is best and that He wouldn’t ask you to wait unless there was a good reason. Maybe it’s a reason that you wouldn’t be able to know right now, but He knows what’s best for you.

His goodness can carry you through the good and bad times. If waiting is a huge burden for you then ask Him for help carrying the weight of your cross. Turn to Him in prayer with your frustrations—trust me, He can take it.

Trust—Understanding the Hard Work Now

Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse || Trust—Understanding the Hard Work Now

When it comes to the major things in life, I think we oftentimes realize that we aren’t in as much control as we imagined. The hard times in life helps us come to terms with our weaknesses and mortality. That’s why surrender is important. God wants you to rely on Him more.

By trusting in God’s timing you can enjoy the present moment more, you can develop strong friendships, and you can learn from your married friends. You can pursue your interests, learn a new hobby and enjoy traveling. You can spend more time in prayer and be deepening your faith life. Keep in mind the Scripture verse Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”

Gratitude—Appreciation for What’s Here Now

Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse || Gratitude—Appreciation for What's Here Now

God’s asking you to see the fullness of life He’s giving you right now. Slow down to count the little ways He’s blessing you throughout the day. Appreciate the people He’s already sent into your life who care and support you.

Notice the smile from a stranger, the compassion of a nurse, the colors of the sunset, the breeze on a warm day, the laughter of a child. Maybe once you slow down and see these things the waiting won’t feel as much of a burden since you can live fully alive right now.

If you have waited a long time to find your spouse, then it will be that much more amazing when you do find each other. Your lips will be full of praise for God and His blessing you. By practicing gratitude beforehand you’ll be able to bless your spouse with this gift.

It’s A Blessing, not a Burden

Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse || It's A Blessing, not a Burden

Remember that God has a plan for you, so don’t stress about being single. Focus on what you can do right now to pursue God.

I had a friend who said she was praying for a spouse like St. Joseph and someone pointed out to her then she needed to be like Mary. She realized how much she had to grow and how great it was to have time to foster that growth. It wasn’t a burden to be waiting but a time to learn about the virtues of Mary.

She saw the time as a blessing where she could be very involved in youth ministry, seek out a spiritual director, and work at a job she is passionate about all the while growing. She saw the blessing of being single.

Analysis Paralysis Can Be Avoided

Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse || Analysis Paralysis Can Be Avoided

Also, resist the temptation compare yourself to others. Especially those who are further along on the journey than you are. Maybe your friend’s life looks wonderful from the outside with five kids and a great spouse, but their life has its challenges.

Give yourself the space to be on your own path. You don’t have to be married by a certain age and you don’t have to have a child before you’re 30. Live the life that God is calling you to live right now and enjoy His plan. You might just be amazed at the journey He takes you on when you let Him guide you.