Here Are the Four People You Need Around You When You’re Single

Here Are the Four People You Need Around You When You're Single

During my time as a single young woman in college, I was blessed with some incredible friendships. I met friends through classes, activities at my campus center, and volunteer opportunities. We bonded over our faith, shared activities, and weekend trips.

But there were some friends who were invaluable when it came to encouraging me as a single person. They weren’t afraid to come alongside me and journey with me. They rejoiced with me and cried with me. Here are four people who can give great advice, keep your time a single person fun and exciting, and are always looking out for your best interests.

1. Your parents

Your parents

There are a lot of good reasons to be thankful for our parents. When I was single, I will forever be grateful for the way that my mom reminded me not to settle in a relationship. I still treasure all the dating advice my dad gave me. Before a date, he reminded me to meet a guy in a public place, be honest, and not be afraid. He affirmed my self-worth and dignity as a single woman.

My parents were people I turned to for dating advice because they weren’t afraid to tell it to me straight. Whether this role is filled by your biological parents or dear friends who are always looking out for the best for you, you need these people in your life during your single years. They’re the friends who aren’t afraid of tough love.

2. Your adventurous friend

Your adventurous friend

When you’re single, the urge to travel and adventure can be strong. This is the friend who will call you on Friday night and ask if you want to take a weekend road trip. You can rely on this friend to encourage you to try new things – like learning a new language, trying a new food, or coming on a retreat with them.

This friend will split the cost of a hotel with you and help pay for gas – their love of adventure will lead to great car conversations and heart-to-hearts while exploring. What adventures you’ll go on with this friend are unknown and exciting, but one things is for certain – they’ll push you out of your comfort zone! They’re sure to inspire you with their love for living life to the fullest.

3. Your married friend

Your married friend

Your married friend is the friend who will ask you over to dinner on a week night and invite you into their family’s routine. You won’t find them pretending to have their life completely figured out, even though they’ve tied the knot. They value your time, and don’t just spend time with you when their spouse is busy. You’re welcome to come over and play with their kids when you just need to unwind, play with legos, and eat macaroni and cheese for dinner.

This friend will also remind you that marriage doesn’t solve all the problems in your life magically. They’ll remind you to find your self-worth in God, not in your relationship status. As a bonus, they can offer some great relationship advice with wisdom from living out their married vocation.

4. Your friend who swears he/she’s a professional matchmaker

our friend who swears

This is the friend who always is keeping an eye out for your perfect match. Their favorite movie is Hitch staring Will Smith, and they love Jane Austen’s Emma. But even more impressive than their matchmaking skills is their respect for you and how they always remember to ask your permission before setting you up with someone. They take into consideration your personality, sense of humor, and relationship goals before telling you about anyone they have in mind.

It’s always great when your matchmaking friend sets you up on a blind date with someone they know you’ll hit it off with – but even if they’re not actively matchmaking, it’s comforting to know that they care about your happiness and are thinking about you.