4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Online Dating Profile This December

If you’re starting to feel the reality of being single this holiday season, you’re not alone. Every year, online dating platforms see surges in membership during December as Christmas and New Year’s approach. If you want to find that someone special, now is a great time to get active on Catholic Singles!

One great way to increase your chances of success is to spruce up your online dating profile.

You can (and should!) touch up your profile throughout the year. It’s a great practice to do little edits whenever you might have a life event, take up a new interest, or think of something clever to include. But you can also use the approaching Christmas season and the chilly weather outside to inspire some fun updates particularly tailored to this time of year.

Here are four things you can add to your online dating profile this December to increase your chances of connecting with a like-minded person.

1. Share what you love (or hate) about this time of year 

For better or worse, the upcoming Christmas holiday is on the minds of nearly everyone during December. The season brings massive amounts of Christmas decorations in every store window. So many people are navigating the sometimes-stressful reality of buying gifts for others. There’s no shortage of Hallmark holiday movies to choose from.

In other words, it’s hard to forget what’s coming at the end of December. If this time of year is already on everyone’s radar, why not take the opportunity to share with potential dates just what you love (or hate!) about this time of year?

If you’re in a relationship with someone, Christmas holiday traditions and preferences play a big role in your communication during the month of December. So if you love Christmas under the twinkle lights and with a cup of hot cocoa, saying so on your profile can help potential matches see what would make you happy this time of year.

More of a solemn Advent, low-key Christmas type of person? Indicating this on your profile can help others to see whether they’ll be a good fit with you in future Decembers, too!

2. Try a fun seasonal profile picture

Even if you’re happy with the profile picture you’re using now, try changing things up for the winter holiday season. There are a lot of fun ways you can use winter or Christmas to get a good picture of yourself.

If you love decorating your home for Christmas, use a picture of yourself in front of your masterpiece to show both yourself and your decorating skills. The same can be said if you’ve done something like decorated a fantastic gingerbread house or made some Pinterest-worthy baking creations. Or if you’re a die-hard fan of cutting down your own Christmas tree, why not use a pic of yourself in action at the tree farm?

Taking a picture of yourself with something fun you’ve created or taken part in can be a great way for others to learn about you at a glance.

You could also make use of some picturesque winter scenery for a new seasonal pic. If you can handle being cold for a couple of minutes, there are often lots of opportunities for pictures with snowy or Christmas-light filled backgrounds that you can take advantage of.

If your workplace has a Christmas party coming up, consider using the opportunity to get a great dressy holiday-themed picture of yourself.

3. Talk about your favorite winter activities

During the rest of the year, online dating profiles often include information about the kinds of things we enjoy doing at any time of year. But December can be a great time to talk specifically about what you like to do in winter.

It can be surprising to discover that others don’t enjoy the same winter activities as you do! There are plenty of people who are die-hard skier or snowmobiling types who don’t mind the cold as long as they get to play in the snow. Then, there are those of us who would rather not venture outside when it’s under fifty degrees.

If your idea of a fantastic winter evening is curling up with a book and a cup of tea by the fire, December is a great time to talk about this in your profile.

Into all things that can be done in the snow and winter weather? There’s no better time than now to talk about it on your profile. You just might find someone who would love to join you on a snowy adventure.

4. Mention some of your favorite seasonal things

Some people are serious about Christmas movies, while others have their favorite Christmas songs. If you’re one of those people who grew up watching Home Alone or who can quote Elf line by line, here’s your chance to talk about it. Watching the same Christmas movie over (and over!) is incredibly relatable.

So you’ve been itching to work “Save the neck for me, Clark!” into everyday conversation, you might just find another devotee of that awkward Christmas movie out there if you mention it on your profile.

The same can be said for your favorite Christmas music. For some of us, a certain Christmas song is simply essential at this time of year. If that’s you, go ahead and add that info to whatever your profile might say about other kinds of music.

There are no hard and fast rules about what ways of changing your profile are best at this time of year. But the nice thing is that you can have fun with it and increase your chances of connecting with someone who feels similarly to you.

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