How to Start Dating After a Breakup

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A broken heart is one of the worst kinds of emotional pain you can experience in life.

When dealing with a breakup, your emotions can range from sad to outright angry.

That’s normal.

Catholic singles find themselves sorting through all types of emotions when a relationship ends.

How can you even think about dating after a breakup?

Is it possible to process the hurt, regret, and sorrow?

Will you ever be able to discern a long-term relationship with someone?


This year, you can start to heal emotionally, take time to recover, and enter the dating scene again with confidence and hope when you’re ready to start dating after a breakup.

Take a time out to heal

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If you haven’t done so yet, taking time to heal should be first thing you do after a breakup.

What you went through was real. Whether your relationship ended after a few dates or after a long time of investment, a breakup can leave you experiencing emotional whiplash.

Recognize the importance of taking time to just be with God and let him heal you. Go to him in the quiet and pour your heart out to him.

Taking time to heal also means taking some time away from dating. This temporary break means you should not start dating at all, not even online dating.

Whether you hit “pause” for a couple weeks or a couple of months, give yourself time to just be yourself. It may be tempting to fill out an online dating profile, but take the time to heal.

This break will allow you to be a better version of yourself when it’s time to focus on dating again.

Figure out what you want in a partner

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After a breakup is a good time to stop and ask yourself what it actually is you want in a partner.

A breakup allows us to let our wants and needs in a relationship take priority.

If you want to date someone that you can see standing by your side ten years from now, make sure you’re looking in the right place.

The best thing about online dating is the gift of sites like Catholic Singles. These site can be a place where there are many single men and women looking and praying for people just like you.

Joining Catholic Singles is a great way to find the one whom your soul may grow to love.

Enjoy being single

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Wait what? Yes, I know this sounds counter intuitive, but bear with me for a minute.

After a breakup it can be easy to wallow and think about all the things that went wrong (and once upon a time went right).

But once you move on, let yourself live. Go out with your friends, invest in what you love, and go to bed early if you want. Throw a party or meet someone for coffee just because.

Even if you chose to pursue online dating, you can still enjoy just being you.

Appreciate the little things now, and it will make the big things in a future relationship even better.

Set healthy boundaries with your ex

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The person you used to date is your ex for a reason. Leave them in the past where they belong.

It may be tempting to check on social media to see how they’re doing. It’s also tempting to mention your ex on the first date.

But people aren’t asking you out to hear about your ex. They want to get to know you. You know, the person you’ve been getting back in touch with since that breakup.

There is definitely a time and place to talk about past relationships (like when the one you spark up gets serious). But the beginning of a dating relationship isn’t it.

Make sure your faith life is on track


All too often after a break up, we can find ourselves feeling a little bit distanced from God.

This happens a lot when the relationship wasn’t healthy or was one-sided. Even if your relationship was pretty good, it’s still a good idea to give your spiritual life a little TLC.

Enter Catholic Singles. An online dating website and app that incorporates dating with spirituality.

Here the heart of a relationship is Jesus, and love for him is fostered every step of the way. This isn’t just a site to meet people. It’s a place to grow, challenge and connect yourself with Catholics everywhere.

By investing in a Catholic Singles membership, you’re investing in your love and faith life.

Be authentic


I may not know what happened in your last relationship and why the breakup, but I can assure you of one thing. If you want to get back out there and find a love that’s going to last, you have to be authentic.

If you want to find someone who will want to be with you and invest in a long term relationship, they need to know who you really are.

It’s so easy to not always be honest when entering the dating pool again, but if you’re going to do this right, don’t hold back.

Is he or she your true match? There’s only one way to find out and this is it.

Take a chance on Catholic Singles

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When all is said and done, the next step you take is only up to you. If you’re ready to meet someone, you need to commit to dating in a way that will work.

Signing up for an online dating account with Catholic Singles is like walking in to a community of like minded, Jesus seeking people who are ready to take you seriously.

Most of our users claim that it was this leap in their dating life that led to their I do on the altar.

Don’t believe me?

Go read the testimonies for yourself!

Get ready for a life that’s full of joy, hope and love.

We can’t wait to walk this journey with you.