6 Wholesome Celebrity Couples You Need to Meet

Hollywood romance has a reputation for being flighty, fickle, and (let’s be honest) a bit temperamental. We’re not sure what’s behind the “date and dash” mentality held by many celebrities, but we’re here to testify that there are plenty of famous people out there who cherish loving and lasting relationships.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably tired of hearing about Hollywood’s lonely hearts club. Let’s stop sifting through celebrities’ dirty laundry and start celebrating the wholesome celebrity couples that shine brighter than a paparazzi mob. Check out these celeb couples, who played the Catholic dating game and won.

1. Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg was raised Catholic. But he has a rocky past studded with drug addiction, gang violence and prison time. When he hit rock bottom, Mark turned to the Catholic Church for a leg up. Now, in addition to being a successful actor and family man, Mark is a devout Catholic and weekly mass goer.

His deep love for the faith inspired his first date with Rhea Durham, which began at a church. The couple married within the Catholic church. Rhea, a former model, later converted to Catholicism.

They have four children together. They often participate in activism together as family. Mark even started the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation as a means of reaching out to inner city youth and helping them avoid following his early example. Mark and Rhea are an inspiration to Catholic couples today!

2. Steve and Nancy Carell

Once nominated America’s funniest man, Steve Carell is quoted as saying, “I’m Catholic born and bred. . . I hope that God gives me guidance and that he directs me to make good choices, and that he helps me with my family.” He even starred in a family movie based off the biblical story of Noah.

Steve and his wife Nancy met during an improv class that Steve taught. Still going strong at 23 years, their marriage itself is worthy of a Hollywood accolade. The couple have two children together and often play each others’ love interest on screen.

The Carells support many charities including the Make-a-Wish foundation, and Steve recently debuted a public service announcement describing the dangers of food allergies.

3. David Henrie and Maria Cahill Henrie

Raised Catholic, Wizards of Waverly place star David Henrie didn’t fully embrace his Catholic faith until starring in the movie Little Boy. At that point, he began speaking at Catholic youth events, where he met his now wife, Maria Cahill.

Former Miss Delaware, Maria is a Catholic pro-life speaker and a champion for modesty and chastity. The two married last year during a beautiful high mass and are expecting a little girl.

David contributes to his community by teaching improv at LA’s BEST after-school enrichment programs.

4. Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee-Colbert

When Stephen Colbert first spotted Evelyn, he thought, “You will kick yourself for the rest of your life if you do not turn around and say hello to her.” It was love at first sight. The late night talk show host and actress grew up two blocks apart, but didn’t meet until much later. Married since 1993, the couple has three children together.

Stephen, the youngest of 11 children, is a devout Catholic and speaks openly about his faith. He and Evelyn have a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s cutest married couples. Evelyn often talks about how humor molds the Colbert’s family life, but how Stephen’s sarcastic television personality is not allowed in their home. She prefers Steven’s sweet and sensitive side instead.

The Colberts give generously to a wide range of causes, including Autism Speaks, Feeding America and Save the Children.

5. Tyler and Nancy Flowers

Chicago White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers is a cradle Catholic who never really owned his faith. But his his high school sweetheart Nancy introduced him to the beauty of the Rosary and Eucharistic adoration.

The two married in 2008 and struggled to conceive for many years. After doctors determined that there was nothing physically preventing them from getting pregnant, Tyler and Nancy turned to prayer. After praying to Saint Therese for help, the couple conceived right away and welcomed a baby girl into their family. They now have four little ones at home.

Tyler doesn’t shy away from discussions of faith. He is very open about his devotion to Mary, the rosary, and the sacrament of reconciliation. He considers his faith to be a work in progress and has a very positive view of life, love and family.

Grateful for many successful seasons in Chicago, the Flowers family gives back to their community by donating baseball gear to children in need. In 2015, Tyler and Nancy gave $20,000 to Chicago’s Mercy Home and pledged another $1,000 for every White Sox win.

6. Katie and Tommy McGrady

Katie McGrady might not have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but she is a celebrity in her own right. An author of two books, former Theology teacher Katie travels internationally sharing her Catholic faith. She has even spoken before the United States conference of Catholic Bishops.

Katie and her husband Tommy met online, via Facebook. They started dating, navigated Pre-Cana together and got married in the Church. Katie and Tommy have one child together, a baby girl. They speak openly about their love story, the marriage prep process, Catholic life and Natural Family Planning.