30 Holiday-Themed First Date Ideas for Online Daters

couple christmas date

The holidays are a magical time for online dating. There’s nothing like getting cozy in front of a crackling fire and kindling a new flame. From winter sports to festive get-togethers, the holidays are a great time to get out and make a connection with someone new.

We know that for those of us online dating, planning a first date can be nerve wracking. You want to make a great impression without looking like you’re trying too hard. Luckily, there are so many great things to do around the holidays.

Ice Skating, holiday parades, cozying up for Christmas movies, cookie baking, and more . . . the possibilities are endless. In this article, we’ll review 30 festive first date ideas to keep you and your new interest occupied this holiday season, especially if this is the first time meeting in person after online dating! Happy Holi-dates!

First Dates and Holidays: Two Great Things!

couple christmas date

We generally think of the holidays as a time to meet with loved ones and share quality time with old friends, but it’s also a great time to make new connections. Enjoy the lights, the sounds, the smells, and those warm fuzzy feelings. The season feels even brighter when you share it with someone new. If you’ve given dating websites a try and are ready to meet in person, the holiday season is perfect for that first date!

There Isn’t a Better Time to Have a First Date Than During The Holidays

couple christmas date

Just think: the glittering snow, the soft lights, the mistletoe. Romance is everywhere this time of year, making something as simple as a coffee date feel magical. With the decorations and the festive spirit, there’s no better time than now to plan a first date.

30 Holiday-Themed First Date Ideas

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Bundle up and glide across the ice. Skating is like a wintry walk with a twist. Chat while you make calming laps around the rink, or laugh together as you struggle to stay on your feet. No matter how it turns out, it’s sure to be a memorable first date.

2. Holiday Parades

Holiday Parades

In the spirit of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, local holiday parades bring an extra festive air to your local main street. Holiday parades are also a great way to introduce your hometown to someone you met via online dating. For an extra touch of romance, pack a carafe of hot cocoa and some pastries to enjoy as you watch.

3. Cozy Up For Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

What’s the recipe for a perfect holiday movie night? Cozy blankets, popcorn and lots of holiday classics. Think Charlie Brown, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, or Elf. Whether you prefer comedy or drama, there’s a perfect Christmas movie out there for you and that special someone you met through an online dating service.

4. Cookie Baking

Cookie Baking

Head to the kitchen and try your hand at some holiday baking. Mixing the dough and cutting out shapes is just half the fun. Let your creative side shine by adorning your cookies with colorful icing and sprinkles.

5. Hot Chocolate and Movies

Hot Chocolate

Cozy up on the couch with your favorite movie and a mug of the good stuff. Hot cocoa and companionship is the perfect combo to warm you up from the inside out.

6. Local Christmas Musical or Play

Local Christmas Musical or Play

Support the arts in your local area by attending a local musical or play. An intimate theater venue will add a romantic twist to your traditional “dinner and a show” date.

7. Christmas Symphony or Ballet

Christmas Symphony or Ballet

A night at the symphony or ballet is the pinnacle of class. Bonus points if your date is an audiophile. You’ll want to dress up for this one. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of glamour for a first date!

8. Find the Best Neighborhood for Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Going for a drive is a long-lost first date tradition. Tour your local neighborhoods until you find one that’s decorated top to bottom. Hop out and take a walk so you can take in the view at a slower pace.

9. Go Christmas Shopping

Go Christmas Shopping

Tis the season for bargains. Invite your date along and brave the crowds together for a shopping extravaganza. Work together to get a little something for everyone on your list. Shopping’s never been so fun!

10.Thrift Shopping For “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

Thrift Shopping

If the mall sounds daunting, hit up the thrift stores instead. You’ll be able to skip the lines and laugh over your eccentric finds. You might even score the perfect outfit for your next Holiday gathering.

11. Tobogganing


How about a nostalgia trip? Suit up and slide down a snowy hill for the ultimate winter weather thrill ride. Nervous about meeting someone you met through online dating for the first time? Forget your nerves, you can blame your racing heart on the ride (and the uphill climb!).

12. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great ice breakers for those of us who meet via online dating. Work together to write up a list of Christmas decorations and holiday hot-spots, then cross off items as you tour your town. When your list is done, reward yourselves with a warm drink at a local cafe.

13. Snowman Building Contest

Snowman Building Contest

It’s time to think outside the sphere. After a heavy snowfall, head outside and show your date how it’s done. Create a snow-bot, a snow-dog, or the Greatest Snowman. Don’t forget to bring along a basket of odds and ends to decorate your creation. Winner buys a round of lattes at your local cafe.

15. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

Opportunities for service are endless this time of year. Serve dinner at a soup kitchen, collect presents for children in need, or shop for warm clothes to pass out at the homeless shelter. Your help is warmly welcome in the dreary winter months.

16. Christmas Themed Shows

Christmas Themed Shows

Keep your eye out in the newspaper and on social media for local holiday events. Many churches host nativity plays, concerts, and other shows this time of year. Oftentimes the ticket prices help support local ministries.

17. Christmas Food Party

Christmas Food Party

Now that Friends Thanksgiving has past, it’s time for a new holiday get together. Decide on a theme like “A Crockpot Christmas” or “Figgy Pudding and Other Desserts.” Then organize a potluck with your closest friends and your new interest you met through online dating!

18. Decorate a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Build a cookie mansion, or a simple one room cabin. Decorate your creation top to bottom and take pictures for posterity. Your house won’t last long: the fun is in the tasting.

19. Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Who says you have to spend a fortune this season? You and your new love interest you met through online dating can take a stroll through your mall or favorite shopping district and enjoy the over-the-top window displays without spending a cent.

20. Decorate a Christmas Tree

Decorate a Christmas Tree

Live or artificial? White lights or colored? Round ornaments or a novelty array? Decide together and add some festive flair to your space.

21. Organize a Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

It might be a spontaneous scuffle just between you or an all out melee. A snowball fight is a fun and exciting throwback to childhood winter fun. Be sure to choose a warm location to retreat to once you’ve had enough.

22. Serve Your Local Community

Serve Your Local Community

Need more ideas for service projects? No problem! Try adopting a family for Christmas. Shop for Christmas dinner and presents, then deliver them with a smile.

23. Help With Your Ministry

serve donuts and coffee after mass

Your parish could use your help. Offer to help serve donuts and coffee after mass, or to clean the sanctuary before services. Work with the Knights of Columbus to organize a pancake breakfast, or help collect baby supplies for families in need.

24. Make Christmas Themed Pizzas and Post The Result on Social Media

Christmas Themed Pizzas

Forget the turkey. Pizza is where it’s at. Try a Christmas tree shape adorned with fresh basil, or a margherita wreath. Your friends might envy your talents, so be prepared to share!

25. Try Holiday Traditions From Other Countries

Holiday Traditions From Other Countries

Have you ever heard of the Yule Lads? What about a KFC Christmas dinner? Have you ever considered heading to church on rollerblades? Google Christmas traditions around the world and see how many you can fit into a single date.

26. Go See The Zoolights or Other Attractions

The Zoolights

Christmas lights at the zoo, tree lightings, Las Posadas and more! Christmas attractions abound this time of year. Take some time to slow down and celebrate the season with flair.

27. Take Pictures With Santa Claus

Take Pictures With Santa Claus

Who says Christmas pics are just for kids? Dress in your Sunday best and get a photo with you, your new love interest you met through online dating, and the Big Guy. The lines might be long, but you’ll get a keepsake for your effort.

28. Choose Someone to Give a Gift To

Give a Gift

Did someone say secret Santa? Choose someone deserving of a little surprise and shop for them together. Waiters, postal service workers, and emergency service personnel are in extra need of love during the holidays. Giving someone else a little boost is a great way to bond with someone new.

29. Attend Church Services

Attend Church Services

Besides Easter festivities, Christmas Mass is one of the most magical services of the year. Enjoy it with someone special you met through online dating. Prayer is the perfect foundation for a new relationship.

30. Attend Local Festivals

Attend Local Festivals

Celebrate Christmas with a bit of local flavor this year. Each region has their own unique Christmas traditions and there’s nothing like the camaraderie that comes along with celebrating in a special way. Hit the web to find out what’s going on near you. If you’re lucky, you might be able to check out the Rappelling Santa or Tumbleweed Christmas Tree.


Online dating doesn’t have to be chore. Capture the romance of the holiday season with a festive date. It may be just spark a flame that lasts a lifetime.