9 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Date

summer date

Have you ever wondered if there is a best time of year to date? And if so, when is it? Fall when the leaves are brilliant hues of red? Winter when you can snuggle close in front of a fire? Perhaps spring when the newness of the earth has a warm affect on budding relationships? There are so many pros and cons in each season. How can one possibly rule? Well, enter summer in all of its majesty.

Sunshine. Water. Endless summer evenings where the crickets sing until the sky turns pink. Though all seasons have their pluses, summer takes first place in this perfect date season competition! Surprised?

Check out the reasons why we stand by this choice and take advantage of the best time to date before the leaves start to change colors!

1. Long days mean more time for fun

summer date

Longer days mean more sunshine, which means your dates don’t have to end as soon. Hitting it off with someone you met on an online dating site? Why just grab dinner when you can go out for a drink after and still have sunshine left in the day? 

Want to work off the pasta dinner you just shared? Go for a walk and keep the conversation going. If it’s not dark, there’s no reason to go home. Enjoy each other with a beautiful summer evening backdrop and cicadas singing in the distance.

2. You can take your date outdoors

summer date

When you’re a Catholic dating, first dates can be stressful. Do you feel uncomfortable going on dates that require going into someone’s house? If so, summer gives you an easy out. With the nice weather, who would want to be tucked away indoors?

Coffee dates on the outdoor patio of a local shop or hiking a nearby trail can be great options for outdoor dates. The fresh air feeds conversation like wind does a fire. It’s easier to burn off nervous energy when you’re outside and moving.

3. Plan a perfect picnic 

summer date

One of our favorite summer date ideas here at Catholic Singles is the classic picnic. Conversation comes easily when you’re chatting over a checkered blanket on the ground and wicker basket. In summer, you don’t have to fight spring pollen or winter frostbite, either!

Sure, you’ll want to pack bug spray, but the fresh air and vitamin D is a happy trade off. Getting to know each other over a simple dinner in the park can be really enjoyable and make a date feel effortless.

4. Summer gets everyone moving 

summer date

Have you ever noticed how alive the world becomes during the summer? Music comes from concerts in the park, restaurants move their seating outside, and couples walk up and down the park sidewalks. The sunshine and fresh air lulls people out and the happiness is contagious!

Catholic dating can be a lot of fun during the summer months when the world is swept up in a warm sort of magic. It’s easier to have conversations when a world is busy singing a background lullaby.

5. Summer is the perfect time for new beginnings 

summer date

Online dating is a great way to meet people year round. When it comes to meeting up with someone you met through an online dating site or app, summer is the perfect season for meeting new people face-to-face. 

People are drawn out of their houses in the warmer months and are eager to enjoy life. With so many people out and about, it gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with fresh faces. Making new relationships is much easier when people want to hang out rather than run home from the cold straight after work.

6. Warmer weather leaves all of us in a better mood 

summer date

Vitamin D not only gives people a tan, but it boosts their moods as well. People tend to be happier in the warmer, lighter months. The sunshine is a natural mood booster and so is water. Being surrounded by light, water, green grass and fresh air encourages happiness and openness in people.

What better time to date than when people are feeling their best?

7. Summer brings out a person’s real personality

summer date

Want to know how the person you’re dating reacts in certain situations? Curious as to what makes them tick? Take them on a summer excursion and you’ll find out quickly!

At the beach with friends and your date is the first to dive for the volleyball? Looks like you’ve got an adventurous spirit on your hands. 

Hanging out with someone who would prefer quiet Saturdays fishing? Maybe they are an introvert that needs more peace and quiet than others. Summer can reveal a lot about someone’s personality

8. It’s never been easier to make a splash!

summer date

Some of the most fun dates you can ever have will take place on the water. If you find this hard to believe, renting two jet skis for a day and take your date to a lake, then get back with us. If you’re close to an ocean, plan a beach day together (remember a volleyball and lunch!). 

Scientists have shown that being near water makes people happier because of the negative ions it gives off. We have summer to thank for making a splash in Catholic dating so easy!

9. Summer dating is easier on your wallet 

summer date

Catholic dating is fun and all, but it can get pricey. All those expensive dinners and movie tickets can add up. 

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But summer dates don’t have to leave you broke! An ice cream cone here, a walk with iced coffee there. Summer dates can be some of the most fun, while being incredibly affordable.

You can meet at the pool with a picnic and no one is upset that you didn’t order the steak. Concerts in the park are free, and movies on the green are, too! Pack a beer or bottle of wine and you’re set!

Summer is the season for Catholic dating 

summer date

No offense to the other seasons we love, but summer is on point when it comes to a perfect Catholic dating season. With unending possibilities of things to do, this season practically guides us through the dating process.

If you are a Catholic dating online and/or in person, be sure to take advantage of this amazing season. Sunshine, water, fresh air and happiness – they’re all there for you like the perfect third wheel!

Want to find someone this summer? Start by making an account on Catholic Singles. We help you put together your online dating profile in less than two minutes. Give a Catholic dating a chance this summer with us!